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Theater treats in Chicago: Six mini-reviews

Going to the theater is a treat that never grows old for me. Here are some of the plays I’ve seen recently, most of which were excellent. 817 more words


The Hypocrites 1

The Hypocrites (Surat Al-Munafiqun) 1: When the hypocrites come to you, they say, “We testify that surely you are indeed the Messenger of Allah.” And Allah knows (that) surely you are indeed His Messenger, and Allah testifies that surely the hypocrites are indeed liars.

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Three reviews: Classic (or neo) works on stage and screen

It’s spring! I knew that for sure today when I decided to get the salt washed off the Beetle and had to wait in line around the block from Bert’s Car Wash on Grand Avenue. 672 more words


Review: All Our Tragic Part 4

Earlier this week, I saw Part 4 of the Hypocrites’ All Our Tragic. This is the twelve hour long piece of all thirty-two Greek tragedies. 554 more words


A long tragic Sunday—Binge theater

It was a sunny warm summer Sunday, and a holiday weekend. Most people would spend their time outside, hiking, biking, on the beach, at a family picnic. 765 more words


Chicago storefronts: Great new theater

I’ve seen five plays in the last two weeks. Most of them are provocative and well-produced gems from small theater companies, generically called storefronts, although they may well be in warehouses, church basements, behind restaurants or in old neighborhood centers. 1,154 more words


Quick takes: Local theater + one great movie

Spring is the season when a lot goes on in Chicago theater and other performing arts. (It’s still not as stuffed with events as October… 879 more words