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Canada in Africa: a closer look at CIDA

Nathan Andrews
Is the Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) all that bad? This is probably a question that many have pondered, including policy makers, non-governmental organizations, private individuals and companies that either work with or receive funding from this agency. 804 more words

All dead but one: It’s time our Spanish Civil War heroes were recognized

Terrence Rundle West
Quick, identify the Canadian battalion that celebrates its 75th anniversary this month.
If you didn’t guess the Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion you’re not alone. Few would. 852 more words

Royalties and upgrading: Two words that politicians dare not utter


By Gil McGowan

In the Harry Potter stories, characters are too afraid to utter the name of the villain, Voldemort.

Something similar appears to be happening in the Alberta election when it comes to two key issues related to the oil sands: upgrading and royalties. 831 more words

The West is 'in', but for how long?

Robert Roach
Former Reform Party leader Preston Manning recently wondered out loud if western alienation has been replaced by eastern alienation. Does this mean that the old battle cry of “the West wants in” is going to be replaced by “the East wants in?” The reality is that the East is still very much in and the West has barely one foot in the door. 745 more words

Low savings rate ominous cloud on horizon

Will Van’t Veld
Continued growth in household spending is expected to help power the Canadian economy through another turbulent year of economic uncertainty. It’s pretty evident that much of this growth is being driven by exceedingly cheap credit, but it should be pointed out that this is part of a longer term trend in which Canadian households have been saving less and less. 576 more words

Let parents decide value of achievement tests

Peter Cowley
It will be much tougher for Alberta parents to ensure their kids are getting a good education if the Alberta government moves ahead with plans to junk the province-wide elementary-school achievement tests. 639 more words

Harper restoring classic federalism

Barry Cooper
Calgary Herald
Stephen Harper took Canadian politics in a new direction in 2012. Liberals and lefty intellectuals are alarmed, but Canadians seem to be pleased. 669 more words