Collection of Morikubo Nono pic that I found all over the internet.

I have been stalking- I mean searching all over Facebook, tumblr, twitter and pixiv. these are some of them that I have saved. I already put it in a Facebook album, but I think putting them in another photo sharing web would be better, as a copy backup. 14 more words


Sakuma Mayu - Dare Yori Suki Nano ni cover

“Kimi ni wa nan demo hanaseru yo” to warau kao ga samishikatta
Ano yoru kasaneta kuchibiru sae wasureyou to shiteru mitai
Mou ichido deatta koro ni modoreta nara… 380 more words


Cinderella Girls Visual Calendar

Stolen from reddit thread. Then I bold some that I know. it seems Kaede’s day a few days ago.

January 1: Kako, Karin
January 3: Sora, Tomoe… 335 more words


∀NSWER | 雨曇 #pixiv https://t.co/KiKxgC4Q2R 投稿しまし

— 雨曇∀NSWER (@udon_d) March 24, 2017


fumika and arisu ship

I like this pairing. Tachibana has the history of being lonely coz of her responsible personality. But since Fumika is older and more senior, plus act like a mother, Fumika kinda taking care of Tachibana. 18 more words


A Definitive (and very serious) Note - Have People Gone Berserk (2016-2017)?

Hello everyone and welcome to me having a bit of a moan. Now if you don’t know already, I do love a good moan and by that, I mean complaining. 724 more words