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Facing New Year consequences: 50-book challenge

Yep, ladies and gentlemen, the New Year, which I truly hate, is finally left behind (and this time, quite painlessly). And it would leave no trace at all, if only… if only few days later – in one of those nights when you just cannot fall asleep – I weren’t struck by one idea: New Year’s resolutions. 625 more words

Georges Bataille: The Impossible

“After all, the moment of ruin, when you don’t know if you’re going to laugh or cry, if it weren’t for the fatigue, the sensation of musty eyes and mouth, of nerves slowly worn out, has the greatest leaping power.  242 more words


2018 Movie Preview: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Dinosaurs are cool. And dinosaurs in movies are effortlessly cool, from the epic Kong versus three T-Rexes in Peter Jackson’s King Kong to the Jurassic Park… 643 more words


God And The Impossible

At Christmas, it’s more common to talk about Jesus as a little baby, as the Incarnate Christ who came to humble living circumstances, even noting that putting on flesh was perhaps the most humble of circumstances that He faced. 660 more words


The Impossible (2012)

J.A Bayona’s second full length feature is a dramatisation of the true events which engulfed the Belon family (anglicized here to Bennett) in the wake of the Boxing Day Tsunami which struck Thailand with such devastating force in 2004. 814 more words

Film Reviews

The extraordinary – November 15, 2017

You can expect the extraordinary My children when you follow Me, My Way and do My Will according to My Plan and Purpose. My Promises do not fail. 159 more words

Essentials of Prayer (Part 2)

The prayer of faith is the kind of prayer that pleases God. The Bible in the book of Hebrews tells us that without faith it is impossible to please God. 205 more words