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The Impossible (2013)

The Impossible is a disaster drama written by Sergio G. Sánchez, directed by Juan Antonio Bayona and produced by Álvaro Augustin, Belen Atienza and Enrique López Lavigne. 503 more words


Mama (2013)

“Once upon a time…”

MAMA (2013) is the story of Annabelle and Lucas, a couple who fights for the custody of raising Lucas’ two young nieces who have been living in isolation in the woods for the past 5 years. 351 more words

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Georges Bataille: The Smokestack

In 1929 Bataille would see in the smokestack the monstrosity of abstraction at the heart of modernity, a disease of the mind that still guides the dreams of those engineers of a posthuman transcendence who seek a future without-us, a future where humans become machinic and enter the ultra-abstractions of an affectless world, indifferent and apathetic. 795 more words

Georges Bataille

Imaginary lover...

why do you love him so much?
always why isn’t it, inside your head?
because you cannot even begin to imagine
that anyone, any soul could ever love you that much… 88 more words


A "Prophetic" Dream for America?

Bill Rudge

Several years ago I had a dream that greatly perplexed me. This three-part dream occurred three separate nights.

In the first part of the dream I saw multitudes of people celebrating euphorically. 211 more words

Jesus Christ


I point to The Impossible as the culprit that made me swear off movie trailers for good.

That film’s climax has the three boys reuniting with their parents again, and while everything is set up to be cathartic, I found that the moment had no effect on me. 231 more words


165. Can't sleep

So I don’t know what made me think watching ‘The Impossible’ at night by myself was a good idea. What the hell is wrong with me?! 128 more words