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The Impossible

In every situation, there is a purpose why it is happening in our perspective life. And it is a great help for us to be aware of our actions. 819 more words

Movie Review

The Filmography of JA Bayona

Today I cover the films directed by the supremely talented JA Bayona!


The Impossible ***1/2 (Out of 4)

Consensus: “The Impossible” is a powerful story as well as a visually terrifying film. You are put right in the middle of a tidal wave as it tears apart a British family on vacation.

The Impossible

Days 164-173 | 365 Day Film Challenge

I’m still on the journey of watching one film a day, which equates to 365 films in a year. Here are reviews for ten that I’ve recently watched. 1,049 more words


The Impossible (2012) PG-13

The film ‘The Impossible’ is based on the true story of the Alvárez family, changed to Bennett in film, while on vacation in Thailand in December of 2004. 341 more words

Based On True Story

The Impossible

I seriously thought I wrote this one but I must have just written it in my head probably at around 5 am because that’s when my brain likes to write long missives but my body does not want to get up so I can’t write anything down which results in my missives (which I’m sure are excellent and a loss to the writing world) being entirely useless (not like the things I write when I’m awake – they are so useful…). 369 more words


Have the Waves of Crisis Pulled You Under?

Years ago I watched the movie called, “The Impossible”.  It was based on the true story of a family engulfed in the waters of a large tsunami in Thailand.   1,077 more words