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The Incredible Hulk

One of my all time favourite coasters – though last time I went to Orlando and Universal Studios, it was at the back end of a refurbishment. 271 more words

Universal Studios

Super Memories of a Not-So 'Supertrain'

In February of 1979, NBC debuted what would go down in network history as one of its costliest misfires ever: SUPERTRAIN. The most expensive series on television at the time, NBC’s SUPERTRAIN was a cross between THE LOVE BOAT and SILVER STREAK, setting a course for adventure but derailing within a mere nine episodes. 544 more words


The Magician

The Magician was another of my favorite shows back in the day. It ran on NBC from 1973-1974.  Bill Bixby (the future Incredible Hulk), starred as Tony Blake a millionaire magician who solves crimes. 333 more words


Day 161 - The Incredible Hulk - 2008

The producers of this film dubbed it a “requel” because they felt it was a reboot and sequel to Ang Lee’s cerebral Hulk from 2003. This time around director Louis Leterrier brings in a new cast and a new origin story for Bruce Banner played by Edward Norton who brings the same vibe that Bill Bixby did the original show in the 70s. 419 more words


The Incredible Hulk *** (Out Of 4)

Consensus: “The Incredible Hulk” is a slam bang version of the big green monster after Ang Lee’s more cerebral and thought provoking 2003 version of the character. 15 more words

The Incredible Hulk

Rereading The Incredible Hulk #1-6 (1962)

Stan Lee predicted in his original 1961 Fantastic Four synopsis that the unpredictable and monstrous Thing would prove to be the most interesting character to readers. 1,052 more words

A Movie A Day #145: The Incredible Hulk: A Death In The Family (1977, directed by Alan J. Levi)

Following the events of The Incredible Hulk and with the world convinced that he is dead, Dr. David Banner (Bill Bixby) is hitchhiking his way across California, hoping to reach a hospital where research is being done on the effects of gamma radiation.   465 more words