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MCU Review: The Incredible Hulk

I’m in the midst of re-watching all of the MCU films in order with some friends so I figured I would review all of the ones I haven’t yet because why not? 758 more words

Shut Up, I Like It!

Film Review: The Incredible Hulk

Plot: Bruce Banner is trying to remain hidden, living a quiet and stress-free life. Banner becoming angry works in no one’s favours. The effects of being injected and exposed to gamma radiation has had rather an usual effect on Banner: it hasn’t killed him, but instead turns him into an almost-invincible Hulk that is driven by fury alone. 465 more words


The Incredible Hulk Refurbished Queue and Vehicle Reveal!

As much as I love Disney, I cannot get enough of thrill rides. My first roller coaster experience was The Incredible Hulk in the spring of 2007. 143 more words

Elizabeth Ross

On with casualgamer‘s request, we find another supporting character, this time a love interest: Betty Ross, the fiancée (and later wife) of Bruce Banner… 999 more words


Movie Rights and Marvel - a Beginners Guide

While it may be hard to imagine now, back in the late 90s, Marvel was in a bad way. A slump in the comic book industry had placed financial strain on the company, to the point where it had to file for bankruptcy protection in 1996. 747 more words


communication between the writers of marvel comics + their readers

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most people who write about comics on the internet seem to have a view about the direction writers are taking a particular character.  the general format is: the readers know the previous storylines better than the current writer, who is figuratively running up the down escalator of logic + reason by ignoring the history of the character he or she is writing for + winding up the majority of the regular readership while doing so… 486 more words

1970s Comics

Movie Ramblings: The Great Marvel Movie Catchup

I came to the world of Marvel relatively late, getting into X-Men comics only after the first set of movies was released. I really got into the 1970s and 1980s X-Men comics and have been trying to consume everything I can find chronologically since then. 294 more words