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Hulk smash puny critic! 

Bruce Banner is not a hero. One would be wrong for mistaking him as one. He is not proud or triumphant, he doesn’t wear a cape, and he doesn’t “save the day” as someone like Superman or Batman would. 1,020 more words


Hire Me, Senpai!

Draft 1!

Work history: I worked in the past, and then was an indentured servant that moonlit as a crisis management agent for individuals of stunted height. 265 more words


Name: Hulk

Real Name: Bruce Banner

Powers: Superhuman strength, endurance, speed, and durability. Near limitless strength potential.

Alignment: Good

Type: Power

Heavy Hitter


Biography… 136 more words


The Incredible Hulk

Hulk was really only a member for the first issue, and then everyone turned on him. To be fair, a super-strong child-monster powered by rage is kind of an edge case for inclusion in the World’s Greatest Super-Hero Team. 13 more words


A Year of Creating Dangerously, Day 270:

Recently, I purchased one of those comic book cover art reproductions to hang up in our eclectic TV room. It is pictured here, The Mighty Thor #160.  572 more words

My Office Mate

Bruce Banner is the only cat well-mannered enough to visit my office. (I have five cats.) Once in a while, he decides to help me rearrange my action figures, but, for the most part, he’s the perfect writing companion. 206 more words

Writer Tools...er...Toys

I love toys. My office is filled with action figures, stuffed animals, and just weird stuff. In my heart, I’m really a nine-year-old boy. Toys just make me happy, and I tend to be more creative when I’m feeling playful. 293 more words