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Today I’m discussing another ISP I’ve found interesting. The company is Socket from Columbia, Missouri. The company has a long competitive history and began in 1994 as a dial-up ISP. 691 more words

The Industry

Missing the Point

Fiat’s geomorphic car crash hits another boulder with the axing of the Punto from UK shores.

There is a certain grim irony in the fact that Sergio Marchionne’s death was so abrupt and shocking, yet for so many former Fiat Group model lines for which he was responsible, the reaper’s approach continues at a glacial creep. 598 more words


The Evolution of Smartphone Pricing

Smartphones are so ubiquitous that’s it’s easy to forget that the first iPhone was announced in June 2007 and released to the public later that year. 735 more words

The Industry

Struck By Lightning

Driven to Write’s pound shop Max Warburton considers Ford’s ongoing European woes and wonders if lightning does indeed strike twice?

There has been, one can be assured, better times to be a motor industry executive. 725 more words


Looking Closer at CAF II Broadband

AT&T is making the rounds in rural Kentucky, not too far from where I live, and is announcing the introduction of their residential wireless broadband product that is the result of the FCC’s CAF II program. 988 more words

The Industry


The 1987 ECOTY winner was something of a DTW stalwart. Even more so however was the fifth placed entrant, one championed by longtime panellist and judge, L.J.K. 1,030 more words


Can Skinny Bundles Remain Viable?

It seems like the industry has accepted the new paradigm that households are cutting the cord and getting programming online. Those going online have a few options. 793 more words

The Industry