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26 Amy Schumer Quotes That Will Make You Laugh, Think, And Feel Understood All At The Same Time

 1. “All my friends are getting married. I guess I’m just at that age where people give up.”

2. “The moments that make life worth living are when things are at their worst and you find a way to laugh.” 1,090 more words

This Is How To Figure Out If The Internet Is Turning You Into An Idiot

Or are you just an idiot who turns to the internet? The casual arrow, as always, is hard to define. Before the internet, we might have been more productive, filling our overwhelming sense of loneliness with hobbies and activities that take place in an actual physical environment. 487 more words

23 Times Having A "F*ck It" Attitude Will Actually Make Your Life So Much Better

1. When you’re getting worked up over what you should wear out tonight: Fuck it. Can you remember what every person you were with was wearing at the bar last night? 1,364 more words

19 Hilarious Photos Of Monks Looking At Alcoholic Beverages

1. That face when you get skunk-ass beer…
Source: Imgur
2. When that beer taste funky tho…
Source: Imgur 280 more words

Here's What Fuller House Needs

Here are two immutable truths: Netflix is going to produce a sequel to Full House called Fuller House and I’ve recently graduated from feeling stuck in a rut to trapped in a cage. 1,489 more words

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ASMR: a perceptual phenomenon and a personal epiphany.

For years (I have no idea when it started) I have experienced this ‘thing’ and never bothered trying to explain it to others. Once I tried, and became frustrated with my poor explanation, which was, something like: a weird tingly feeling when I’m watching someone doing something that they are really concentrating on, usually a girl, and usually it’s playing with their or someone else’s hair, or drawing. 585 more words


How You Become Somebody Else

You will miss them in the morning when you wake up wanting nothing but more sleep—there’s nothing sweet about waking up alone, unenthused, bored of what the day has to offer. 585 more words