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How To Talk To Republicans About Trump (Without Losing Your Mind)

It can be hard to talk to a Republican in the age of Trump. To top it off, having an angry, partisan argument runs the risk of making the other person (and you) double down on your positions and become less willing to listen in the future. 1,183 more words

This Artist Fights Her Eating Disorder By Drawing About It, And Her Pieces Are Absolutely Amazing

Anyone who has struggled with an eating disorder (or has known someone who has) understands that recovery¬†is a process: it’s often not fast or easy, and how it plays out depends entirely on this person. 833 more words

What Are We Really Searching For As We Google Our Lives Away?

We drive recklessly down the information highway leaving a trail of intellect in our wake.
Distracted by statuses through which people seek attention by spreading unchecked information, trending videos or hate. 224 more words

7 Times Grandparents Were The Funniest People On Your Facebook Newsfeed

Ah, grandparents. They bring so much joy into the world. Whether they’re telling you stories about the “good ol’ days,” accidentally sending you wildly inappropriate birthday cards… 216 more words

This Couple Took 'Breakup Photos' And They're So Cringeworthy You Might Actually Laugh

Have you ever looked back on a failed relationship and thought, “Wow, I wish I had a way to commemorate how terribly everything ended”? No? Well, here’s an idea for you anyway.¬† 173 more words

Anti-Oppression & the Internet

by de flori

Information technology is ubiquitous in present day, it is now considered odd and suspicious to not have a smartphone or any social media accounts. 1,375 more words


This Guy Had A Seriously Good Chance Of Getting Laid, But Then He Accidentally Texted The Wrong Person

This dude was amped up and ready to get laid. He thought he knew of the exact right girl he could Netflix & Chill with, so he sent her a text asking to come over: 116 more words