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Girl Gives This Rando Guy's Number Out When Sleazy Dudes Ask For Her's And He Has TONS Of Fun With It

Sometimes dating and talking to people can really suck. Like, maybe you’re just trying to talk to a cute girl after some party, and you give her your number. 141 more words

Girl Printed Out All The Mean Subtweets Her Roommate Made About Her, Now The Police Are Involved

College can become one big blur after a while, but the vast majority of us probably remember our freshman* dorm room and our freshman roommate. Sometimes this person (or these people, in my quad room) can become close friends, sometimes you are cordial and never see each other, and sometimes they are roommates from hell. 278 more words

Ted Cruz, the Internet, and Republican Consistency

The Obama administration plans to transfer its oversight of Internet domain name registrations to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers, a multinational private organization based in Los Angeles. 51 more words



We all enjoy the world of make believe. As children we listen intently to stories from the imagination and we never quite lose our thirst for enchanting tales. 1,117 more words


Eight Celebrities and who Their Pokemon Go! Buddies Would Be

Pokemon Go! recently updated so that a user can now choose one of their Pokemon as a companion as they walk around playing the game. We don’t know if any of these famous people are playing Pokemon Go, but we think we have a pretty good idea of who their buddies would be: 131 more words


RHUL second year poetry project: OUTDATED

a birthday present


Accompanying Essay/Methodology

OUTDATED was originally inspired by the new phenomenon of (relatively tepid) ‘brand banter’. Brands are increasingly aware of social media’s influence on its potential customers, and are capitalizing on its almost unlimited amount of advertorial space. 2,742 more words