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In Light Of Sean Spicer Resigning, Here's Our Favorite Memeable Moments Of His Time In The White House

As White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer was certainly one of the more talked-about member of Trump’s cabinet, probably because a big chunk of his job involved him being in the spotlight. 367 more words

These Teens Taught Bernie Sanders The 'I Love You' Hand Sign And It's The Most Precious Thing On The Internet

Bernie Sanders won a big chunk of America’s heart during election season, and he continues to win mine every day. Mostly because he’s just such a cute, pure human being. 131 more words

The Future Needs More People Who Think About The Past

I’m 28. For most of my adult life, the future has been all around me. We’re told every day that something is the future of something else. 749 more words


I think I can probably say with a degree of shameful confidence that I was not the only man – or woman, come to that – whose first response upon hearing the bizarre case of Gayle Newland was ‘Why didn’t she video it?’ Okay, so it’s not something most would be especially proud of, but as sexual fantasies go it was certainly an original one and would have been a good deal more entertaining than the majority of those that stretch the nation’s broadband connections to breaking point in the wee small hours. 996 more words


This Woman Posted Photos Of Herself Trying On Jeans To Instagram To Prove Clothing Size Means Nothing

Honestly, trying on clothes at the store is the worst. Not only is the lighting terrible and the mirror warped (OK maybe not but I… 574 more words

What Percent Hoe Are You?

What percent hoe are you was a facebook *top story* one morning. When you click on the link, you are invited to sign in with your Zuckerworld account. 494 more words


This Guy Responded To Trump's Tweets As If They Were Texts And The Result Is Ridiculously Hilarious

You know 2017 has thrown the universe out of whack when we have a president that tweets about every. single. thing. And I’m not just talking about diplomatic things. 251 more words