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Rapper Wale Hilariously Dragged Tomi Lahren On Twitter And People Can’t Get Enough Of It

As glad as I am that I haven’t heard much from Tomi Lahren recently, I’ve admittedly missed the drama. One of my favorite pastimes has been actively rooting against the former (and now unemployed)  315 more words

I'm An Insta-Loving Travel Blogger And I'm Not Going To Apologize For It

Dear critics; Yours truly, an Insta-loving travel blogger:

Wanderlust has been splattered all over our newsfeeds.  Friends and public personalities alike now blatantly and unashamedly brag about their exotic holidays and foreign adventures via an impressive array of social media outlets.   1,161 more words

This Woman Met Her ‘Soulmate’ On A Flight Four Years Ago And Now She’s Using Twitter To Try To Find Him

I will rarely admit this in person, but this is the Internet, so fuck it: I am a huge secret romantic, and I am a sucker for absolutely any love story that doesn’t involve creepy undertones (sorry, I’m not into Stockholm syndrome) or Nicholas Cage. 477 more words

The internet is a strange place. Look at this message:

It is clearly spam. My email provider has labelled it as spam. I know it is spam. 156 more words


Justin Bieber Replaced The Spanish Words In ‘Despacito” With Gibberish And People Are Pissed

Oh Biebs, you’ve been doing so well at keeping the bad publicity away. But here I am writing about you again, so we all know you fucked up something. 431 more words

How A Massage By A Blind Man Opened My Eyes

I don’t know about other women, but I’m self-conscious about my panties. I wasn’t wearing the sexiest. They weren’t bad, just not sexy. It was a fun color, all-cotton, comfortable. 775 more words

Ben & Jerry’s Is Banning Australian Customers From Buying Two Scoops Of The Same Flavor Until Marriage Equality Is Legal

If you live in Australia and have a sweet tooth for Ben and Jerry’s, we’ve got some news for you. And you might not be very happy about it. 294 more words