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23 People Explain What Actually Happened To The ‘Manic Pixie Dream Girls’ In Their Life

If you’ve never met of a Manic Pixie Dream Girl, you’ve probably heard of one before. Think Summer from the film (500) Days Of Summer… 1,766 more words

Here's Another Article For You To Open Up In A New Tab And Then Forget To Read

Look, you tried your best.

You live in an age where the internet is your source for everything (and pretty much is Your Everything) and sometimes you just slip into those trances where you’ve right-clicked 46 different articles to “read later,” and then three days have passed and you still have a browser filled with unread tabs haunting you. 300 more words

Obama Just Tweeted This Hilarious Throwback Meme For Joe Biden’s Birthday And It’ll Hit You Right In The Feels

If you don’t remember the Obama-Biden memes that blew up earlier this year, it’s probably because about a million terrible things have happened since then. It’s hard to fathom the fact that just 11 months ago, this world was a simpler place full of simpler pleasures. 278 more words

This Woman Came Up With A Genius Way To Sneak Snacks Into The Movies And You're Going To Wish You'd Thought Of It Sooner

I have honestly spent a large majority of my life trying to figure out the best way to sneak food into the movies without getting called out by the people who work there. 226 more words

Appreciation For Adding Syd's Debut Album "Fin" To My Record Collection

The Internet’s third studio album, Ego Death, was a ground-breaking piece of work. Released in 2015, it received universal praise for its incorporation of 70’s R&B, near perfect songwriting, and production handled by live, backing instrumentation. 327 more words

This Bakery Replaced Baby Jesus With A Sausage Roll In Its Nativity Scene And Now Christmas Is Apparently Cancelled

It’s officially holiday season, which means two things:

  1. Holiday music! Decorations! Heartwarming movies! TV specials!
  2. Tons of holiday promotions that are all going to offend…
  3. 422 more words

This Mom Found A Hilarious Way To Cover Up Her Kid’s Wall Drawing And It's The Key To Good Parenting

If you have children (or if you’re like me and you’ve had a lifelong gig as a babysitter), you know kids can be a handful. They’re not always going to do what they’re supposed to do — in fact, sometimes they’re going to do things that they definitely know they’re… 251 more words