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Men, Machines, and Augmented Reality

It’s been a strange summer, and a hideous one in many ways. Terror attacks, an earthquake, all manner of predictions of doom and gloom … our world is not a particularly happy place at the moment, but then it very rarely is. 998 more words

Social Media

here's to you.

That’s right – you! This piece of the interwebs only exists because of the support I receive from you very lovely1 people. Most of you are friends, some are family, and a few are incredibly kind peers. 1,188 more words


Ex's in social media

Feels a bit like a creep to go look up the ex’s … it’s also tedious to try & avoid all mentions of someone who you were close to and working on combining your lives together. 46 more words

The Internet

Why you should give your kids unlimited screen time

It’s Friday night and my teenage son has invited about a dozen of his buddies—boys and girls—over to the house.

They’re sprawled out on the couch, mostly separated by gender, glued to their smartphones. 1,656 more words

Dun Da Da Dun

“Dun da da dun” is the sound of trouble in the middle of the night. It is an alert warning me that something significant has happened while I am sleeping. 1,219 more words


Panic at terminal #1 - perception and sociology

Really interesting read on how people react / feel as groups in the current day due to the amount of fear mongering…