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“The Front Page of the Internet.” It takes pretty much everything there is to look at or listen to on the internet and aggregates it into various sections called “Subreddits.” It’s too much for me. 39 more words


The Internet - Feel Good (Summer 2014)

There isn’t an R&B vocalist more nonchalant in the modern music industry than Sydney Bennett. Throughout the recent years her and her group, The Internet, had garnered the attention and support of fans from the Odd Future era and beyond. 868 more words

Chrissy Teigen Trolled John Legend With This Perfectly-Executed Instagram

I can’t imagine what it’s like being married to Chrissy Teigen, but I imagine it has to do with putting up with a LOT of trolling. 189 more words

The Internet

Kinky Friedman "Kinky Friedman"

This is a true story. I went through a Kinky Friedman phase when I was living in New York. I read one of his mystery novels, and liked it a lot, and then read some articles about him, some interviews—maybe there was some particular thing I read or watched that I can’t remember now. 322 more words

The Price Is Wrong

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Unfunny premise + unfunny characters = unfunny gags. Connie wryly equates Morty’s sudden burst of altruism with a prescription drug mix-up, which strongly indicates she’s a born ‘n bred Westviewian too. 158 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky

Spring Bored

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Mort has really exceptional hearing too, as he apparently overheard every morsel of Mindy’s tiresome maudlin babbling. The fact that he’s in a band makes his excellent hearing that much more remarkable. 132 more words

Son Of Stuck Funky

Towards a Better Forbidden Truth Understanding of the Internet

In order to know what something does to You as a potential aspiring Superior, and to all the other billions of inferior and garbage-minded humans-borns, it is vital that one understands what something… 2,167 more words

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