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Donald Trump, The Entertainment Age’s Weapon Of Mass Destruction

Donald Trump’s presidency has marked a paradigm shift in human civilization. Yes, you’ve read that right. Those were the consequences of the 2016 election. Previous to his inauguration, the world was living in the Age of Information, but that can’t be true anymore, not when the phrase “alternative fact” has been added to the lexicon. 1,168 more words

This Guy Promised Ryan Reynolds That He'd Get A Butt Tattoo Of His Name And He Came Through

There are many things I’d do for Ryan Reynolds’s attention, though I can honestly say getting his name tattooed on my butt is not one of them. 328 more words

Syd drops off "Treading Water" as a gift to fans

Vibest and funkers grab your popcorn as we get a vibrant new jazzy track from Syd titled “Treading Water”. This song nearly made it to the artist debut album… 47 more words


This 8-Year-Old Went On A Run Because Her Crush Called Her Fat And Now Everyone Is Encouraging Her To Love Herself

If you’ve ever done something stupid for a boy, then you know Allysson Baires struggle. The 8-year-old decided to join her cousin Briseyda Ponce on a run because of — you guessed it — her crush. 330 more words


The water problems in Africa have been going on for generations now, and matters appear to have peaked in the last few weeks over in the East. 832 more words


Social Media Can Ruin Your Relationship (And Your Life)

I’m sitting in my living room doing my daily browse, for the seventeenth time, of my social media accounts. It always starts out of boredom or when I want to distract my mind. 3,154 more words

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We live in a strange and paradoxical age. The digital world has opened up possibilities of which we couldn’t have even dreamed a couple of generations ago. 1,546 more words