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Networking Online and In-person

Written by Chris Marcinek

LinkedIn and other social media platforms can be a terrific way to connect with professionals in your industry. Communicating online can save you the sometimes awkward interaction as most of us usually post versions of our best self online. 254 more words

This Man Found A Hidden Present From His Father Four Years After He Died And It'll Pull At Your Heartstrings

There’s nothing quite as devastating as losing a loved one. Even when they’re no longer in your life, somehow, they still are — through memories, through objects, through tiny legacies they left behind. 317 more words

Ashley Graham Responds To An Instagram Troll Who Call Her A 'Fat Model'

Ashley Graham, plus size model and body positive activist, has her share of haters. She’s used to Instagram trolls criticizing her, and she’s usually pretty good at ignoring them, but one got under her skin just enough that she felt the need to call them out. 235 more words

ASMR Community: The Last Great Hope For A Better Internet

Sometimes I troll people on Twitter when I’m bored.

When it’s time to interact with others, it’s difficult to venture back into normal conversation. People take life seriously, ya know? 398 more words

Truth or Dare (2018)

There are two competing gimmicks at war with each other in the gleefully idiotic trash-horror Truth or Dare?. As suggested in the title, one gimmick involves a supernatural, deadly version of the schoolyard game truth-or-dare that drives the film both to explorations of contrived ethical dilemmas and to even more contrived novelty indulgences in demonic possession clichés. 938 more words

Brandon Ledet

The Live-Action 'Mulan' Remake Might Be Missing This Key Character

Let’s just be honest here: Disney knows how to play the game. The company knows obsessed we are with nostalgia, and they’re using it to their advantage to sell a crap ton of movie tickets by giving us the same storylines we know and love in new, innovative formats. 500 more words

This Woman Accidentally Ended Up In The Middle Of A Sting Operation And She Tweeted The Whole Wild Story

Buckle up, you guys, because I have a wild Twitter find for you. Yesterday, Twitter user Erin Burr started this thread about her crazy day, which is actually… 2,630 more words