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Here's What Happened To This Guy's Tinder Bio When His Wife Caught Him Using It To Cheat

Here’s some quick advice for all my fellow men out there: maybe you actually shouldn’t cheat on your wife.

But here’s another piece of advice. If you are going to cheat on your wife, maybe you shouldn’t use Tinder. 94 more words

This Guy Was Texting His Cousin About Thanksgiving When Things Started To Get VERY Weird

Getting the family together can always be a little awkward. I mean, these are people that you’ve known forever, but you probably only see a few times a year. 104 more words

This Girl Pranked Her Mom By Texting Her That She Hit Someone, And The Mom's Response Was Surprising

Sometimes it’s really funny to mess with our parents, right? But maybe this prank went a little too far…

@IamVinnieF was bragging on Twitter about how his sister pranked his mom. 154 more words

This Email To A Professor Is Either The Most Hilarious Excuse Or Most Creative Lie For Missing Class EVER

Through my college career I had several classes where attendance was 100% mandatory. If you were going to miss class, there would be some kind of penalty and it ALWAYS sucked. 91 more words

Maybe It's Time For A Social Media Detox

The excitement of a guy liking a photo on Facebook or Instagram creates a flattering feeling of hope. Especially if you’ve slept with this person. Especially if you like this person. 497 more words

America’s Neo Pravda

America’s Neo Pravda- “With the election of Donald Trump they are in full-bore emergency mode. ”

by Bill Lockwood

Pravda, the Russian word meaning “Truth”, was the official Communist Party news “filtering” organ of the Soviet Union. 646 more words

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