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Don't Get Naked In Front Of Google

Here is a tricky situation. How are we supposed the classify this news? Is it a good one, or maybe bad? Google has launched an attack against the bloggers, who like to discuss or publish adult related content. 200 more words

The Positive Hero And The Negative Zero

Sometimes, having more than one billion visits per day is just not enough. This is the one you are definitely going to have a difficulty in accepting or believing. 182 more words

21 Hilarious Instagram Captions That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Rekstizzy is a NYC-based rapper currently working on his third album, You Can’t Be Serious, which he describes as “a therapeutic album for a mad world.” He also runs… 1,066 more words

14 Totally Random Encounters That Ended In Sex (NSFW)

Found on AskReddit.

1. Wrong number, right timing.

Work. Phone call. Wrong number. Ask her to meet. We go out for drinks. Sex in her studio. 2,460 more words

13 Photos That Explain Why The Media Is In A Frenzy Over Denmark's Nikita Klæstrup

Conservative student politician Nikita Klæstrup recently entered the spotlight after her photo was shown on Reddit, albeit misrepresented as a Danish politician. Klæstrup is, according to… 477 more words

Why Women Will Never Pay For Tinder, Ever

Recently the supremely popular dating app, Tinder, has premiered a new pay to play version creatively called, Tinder Plus, which will come with a variety of new features such as an unlimited number of likes which will not be offered on the freebie version. 836 more words

The PornHub Energy

Do not judge a book by its cover, nor a post by its title. When you have more than 40 million visits to your website in a single day, you really have the power to change the world. 179 more words