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Entre mentiras y silencios

Mark Bellison vive en un mundo donde nadie calla su verdadera opinión de las cosas. Donde todos dicen siempre la verdad. Donde nadie miente ni ha mentido, jamás. 1,066 more words

Gabinete Caligari

[POD]SNAPPERS | 015 | Fibbers, Falsifiers, Fabricators, Frauds, & Fable-Tellers

This week, Suggitt, OTH, and Schulke discuss the fascinating and often hilarious spectrum of lying, and we speculate on how the endgames of liars can tie into meticulous methodology, complacent habit, mental issues, or just wanting a cookie.


Ready for the night shift

I was very tired after work, which worked fine for me today, since I am going on the night shift tonight. I won’t really have to do much work, just be on call and do what needs to be done, but otherwise, in between, I can listen to music and read. 269 more words