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The Invention of Lying (2009, Ricky Gervais and Matthew Robinson)

The Invention of Lying is a 100 minute exploration of a gag. In a world without lying–or any fictive creativity whatsoever–co-director, co-writer, and star Ricky Gervais one day spontaneously mutates and lies. 785 more words


The Problem of Good: Thinking about God and Evil with "The Giver"

One of the great questions that fixes the attention of thinkers in our generation about the existence of God is the Problem of Evil. The argument is so simple it is almost sublime. 1,273 more words

C.S. Lewis

Weekly Round-up (4): August 20 - 26, 2017

I’m doing weekly round-ups now, which will include any media I consumed for the past week, from Sunday to Saturday. I’d be glad if you end up getting some recommendations but I’m only doing this as a form of a media journal (to make it easy to write reviews later on). 745 more words


The Invention Of Lying *** (Out Of 4)

Consensus: “The Invention Of Lying” is a kind of brilliant comedy about a society that tells. Itching but honest truths at all times until Ricky Gervaia discovers lying and kind of becomes god-like.

The Invention Of Lying