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Short Story by Andrieta RA (The Jakarta Post, August 14, 2017)

It must be impossible for the dawn and dusk of your days to be a very, very long dream. 1,600 more words

Short Story

Beautiful Tomb

Short Story by Maria Magdalena Bhoernomo (The Jakarta Post, August 07, 2017)

Mr. Sanjaya suddenly remembered a scripture: Every living person will surely die. 1,670 more words

Short Story

Inspirational Scribes

Following on from my last post Truth Is Out, I have decided to lighten up my mood by writing an inspirational scribe.

I would like to take a moment to send a note of gratitude to my colleagues who sit down in front of their computer, who like me are on a passionate quest, for their voices to be heard. 972 more words


Truth Is Out

I almost gave in and didn’t publish my memoir.

It was all too hard, the thought of self publishing, promoting, selling and advertising was all too much. 1,597 more words


A Bus Ride Away

Short Story by Imas Istiani (The Jakarta Post, July 31, 2017)

This time, I simply couldn’t hold back the tears from rolling down my cheeks. 1,744 more words

Short Story


I started off this morning with the idea of reposting a blog I wrote in December 2016 titled Feminist Begone.

What began as a Facebook post became a blog update. 511 more words


They Call Her Rachel

Short Story by Ninda Daianti (The Jakarta Post, July 24, 2017)

Her real name is not Rachel. It’s actually Rah — but Rah is too simple, too blah. 1,163 more words

Short Story