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Beautiful Boy

Short Story by Tremella Dea (The Jakarta Post, June 05, 2017)

Broken arms and legs. A severed head. That was the condition of his doll three days after it was bought at the flea market using the money he had set aside each day. 1,214 more words

Short Story

A Whole New World

Short Story by David Chandra Purnama (The Jakarta Post, May 29, 2017)

Massachusetts, 6 April 2022

Professor Tuti could still catch the sound of explosion in her head. 1,773 more words

Short Story


Short Story by Miriam Hermawan (The Jakarta Post, May 22, 2017)

Iqbal knew, long before anyone did, of the story that Mai-Mai wanted to tell the world. 1,363 more words

Short Story

The Road to Neverwhere

“Dad, I want to finish my studies,” says Jamshed in outrage while throwing his schoolbag on to the floor. “I don’t want to continue my education anymore, not even a single day. 1,152 more words

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She sat at the bar, in the same seat Dan had sat every single evening, his favorite crystal glass empty in her hand, her head reeling. 1,631 more words

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An alarm for us - technology may kill our jobs soon

Dewi Safitri writes in Jakarta Post column: “Automation, robotics and artificial intelligence are predicted to destroy employment in developed countries over the next three years according to the World Economic Forum – about 5 million jobs altogether. 84 more words


Fast & Furious 8

Hans David Tampubolon of Jakarta Post: “Beyond Theron, the characters do not offer much. Diesel spends most of his time in the film utilizing his badass straight face persona as he tries to outsmart Cipher and rescue his family despite the fact that most of them see him as a bad guy.” 92 more words