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Keith Lee, Jakarta Post

11:30PM, Singapore

At an unspecified time this morning, North Korea conducted what is to be known as the most devastating of its nuclear tests. 411 more words

Key to Tackle Transnational Crimes

Lam Tsz Hei, Jakarta Post

Illegal trafficking, terrorism are just some examples of severe transactional crimes that countries ought to tackle immediately from the roots. Involvement of such MDCs and LDCs may help alleviate the current situation. 273 more words

EAS: Council Session 2

Lam Tsz Hei, The Jakarta Post

The following photos shows that the delegates representing their respective countries (Left: China, Right: Thailand) were debating on the motion on how to ensure the sustainability on the renewable energy. 43 more words

East Asia Summit

Lawyer lampoons delegates, claims no action had been taken

Keith Lee, The Jarkarta Post

Earlier today during an AMMDM meeting, a concerned lawyer had made her case in front of numerous delegates. According to her, the delegates were simply not doing enough to improve the lives of farmers who had been affected by the recent natural disaster that had occurred in Thailand. 82 more words

Infrastructures Connect Countries?

Lam Tsz Hei, The Jakarta Post

Infrastructures are the foundation of all countries. It may come in small sizes like lamp posts or benches. It may also come in large, highways, parks or even airports. 328 more words

East Asia Summit

The Jakarta Post: AMMDM Council Session 1

Keith Lee, The Jakarta Post

In light of the recent AMMDM council session, issues regarding disaster management such as corruption within the disaster management committee in various countries and the lack of funding by other ASEAN member states have been brought up by various delegates from various ASEAN nations as well as from observer states. 460 more words

ASEAN Ministerial Meeting On Disaster Management

Better Evenings to Come

Short Story by Andrieta Rafaela Arifin (The Jakarta Post, May 28, 2018)

Daylight was drowsily on its way to breaking — pale light streams crawled through the window’s blinds, only to eventually flop down onto my bed sheets. 1,811 more words

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