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Help St Michael - Albertville win Hockeyville USA contest

If you heard STMA hockey association President Joe Opiola on with John Hines this morning and want to help St Michael Albertville win Kraft’s Hockeyville USA contest and $150,000 in rink improvements, you can vote by going to http://votestma.com/

The John Hines Show

Help support a Minnesota made movie

If you heard Kate Nowlin on with John Hines this morning talking about the new movie The Blood Stripe and you want to help out, you can contribute to their kickstarter: 92 more words

The John Hines Show

5-7-14 John Hines Links and Likes

For Mid-morning Money today we spoke with Peggy Collins from Bloomberg. Yesterday she wrote about how people are raiding their 401k more then ever to help get through tough times. 61 more words

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5-6-14 John Hines Links and Likes

Lots of parents out there want to know where their 20-something is going to grow up and move out. I chatted with Dr Jeffrey Jensen Arnett, the “Dr Spock of 20-somethings.” We had a great conversation about how you can help your emerging adult. 148 more words

5-5-14 John Hines Links and Likes

We spent a good amount of time today reflecting on the life and career of Congressman Jim Oberstar. You can read the story from WCCO.com… 216 more words