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Jaret Leto Discussed Filling Heath Ledger's Shoes As The Joker In 'Suicide Squad'

Jared Leto’s performance as the Joker in Suicide Squad is already infamous and the movie hasn’t even come out yet. By now, his approach to playing everyone’s favorite sadistic bank robber clown may end up being… 254 more words


David Ayer Shoots Down Fan Theory on 'SUICIDE SQUAD'

Since the first photo was released of Jared Leto’s Joker for SUICIDE SQUAD there has been a fan theory going around the Internet: the Clown Prince of Crime is actually the former Boy Wonder gone bad. 297 more words


Batman: The Killing Joke Movie Review

I know that we tend to cover one of the big movies that hit theaters over the weekend but with a special screening of The Killing Joke I thought why not a special review. 430 more words


Chester's Batman: The Killing Joke Review

Batman: The Killing Joke, written by Watchmen scribe Alan Moore, is the only Batman comic I’ve read. As far as being a Joker story, it’s an excellent look into how his mind operates – it’s troubling, it’s dark, and it somehow manages to make the Joker as despicable as he could ever possibly be, yet somehow as sympathetic as anyone could ever make him. 1,221 more words


Suicide Squad Director Shuts Down Popular Joker Fan Theory

The role of the Joker in Suicide Squad has been attracting both media and fan attention since it was first announced that Jared Leto would be playing the iconic… 195 more words

Batman: The Killing Joke Review (Spoilers Safe)

*This review is spoiler safe, which means it will contain a spoiler section separate from the review marked off with a spoiler warning.*

When it comes to Batman comics, The Killing Joke is one of the best Batman and Joker stories ever told. 1,345 more words


"Batman: The Killing Joke" (2016): Can't Deliver the Punchline Properly

The 1986 story Batman: The Killing Joke is one of the more famous graphic novels in the history of The Caped Crusader. Written by comics legend… 1,026 more words

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