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The New Kid| October 26, 2016

“Everyone, we have a new student joining us in class today.”

Synovial neck joints rotate euphorically unanimously in search of the new creature bearing the intrigue they so crave for to awaken their breathing corpses and ignite their drowning spring. 221 more words

The Journey

Long Time No Habla

Hola mi amigos! It’s been quite awhile since I’ve posted anything cause to be quite honest I really haven’t done that much new and exciting. I finally started getting bored so I’ve been walking around Coco and a few days ago I met 3 great ladies that work in gift shops and they want to learn English and since I want to practice my Spanish it’s a perfect fit. 89 more words

The Journey

Agartha & The Inner Earth - YouTube ~ Reality Whisperer Webcast by Brad Johnson

In this episode of the Reality Whisperer, Brad Johnson will be giving a live presentation on the existence of Agartha and the Inner Earth. Adronis will also be channeled and will give insight on Agarthan history. 16 more words

The Journey

Nine year old child heals water, pleads for humanity to WAKE UP! ~ Mary Rodwell

The idea that a 9-year old girl can heal water is astounding enough! Find out what else she can do and the message she has for humanity. 1,744 more words

The Journey

Transport day one

The most interesting things about the first travel day: 1) you can buy a banana at Qwik Trip for 11 cents; and 2) Leinenkugel s not a common word in Quincy, Ill.   150 more words

The Journey