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Mother Mary, Announcing Acceleration - Christine Preston

Mother Mary: Know that you are loved, dear ones. You are doing well. I have been associated with the concept of the Immaculate Conception because I came to Earth with a pure heart to be the Mother of Jesus, Yeshuah, in that moment of time more than 2000 years ago, which it has become traditional to commemorate on December 25, in the Christian tradition, and even in those nations that are not, as this celebration has been amalgamated with the ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia as well as other feasts of Eastern Nordic legends. 859 more words

The Journey


childhood is meant to be a time filled with happy memories
all i remember from my childhood is my mum falling apart
falling in love with someone who just destroyed her more… 180 more words

The Journey

December 9, 2016: The Dragon's Keep

Each Solstice we decorate the fireplace and mantle with home-made decorations, lights, stars, and whatever we feel will look beautiful from the afternoon sun or evening lights. 182 more words

The Journey

Jon Rappoport 12-9-16... "We are the real movement to destroy fake news"

Jon makes quite a few pertinent points from his observations and communications. I feel he is right on about what is occurring right now. We’re waking up, baby! 1,629 more words

New Energies

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Dirty Secrets (Intermission)

Stupid Girl (Garbage)

You pretend you’re high
Pretend you’re bored
Pretend you’re anything
Just to be adored
And what you need
Is what you get… 158 more words

The Journey

The Slavic Bone Witch

I respect the fear the Bone Goddesses provoke. The fear of letting go, the fear of change, fear of chaos, flow, death, transmutation, rebirth, not knowing, surrendering to the unknown.. 292 more words


Into the West: I lived After All

Day 4

I did not have the heart to finish the story. That and I had passed out from blood loss from my many wounds. I have been in and out of consciousness for two days according to my caretaker. 216 more words

Diary Entry