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Thoughts on the Movie "Lion"

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I’m finally on vacation and have already experienced my first full day in Korea yesterday. It’s pretty great to be back in the country after leaving ten years ago following a five year period of living here. 1,101 more words


Getting My Momentum

I believe that taking action is the key to start my blogging business. Since I am almost broke, I only have a few money left that I save from my call center pay check, so I made some checklist on what I need to start with a little start up cost as possible. 157 more words

The Journey

Day 6 - In A World Of Pure Imagination

We’ll begin with a spin travelling in the world of my creation.

A strong part of almost everybodies stress comes from their work. I wish I could turn this stress off on the weekends but you see – I like my job. 844 more words


This Writing Life...

“This is Not an Exit,” the sign on the door reads. She pushes through and the acidic aroma of sanitation singes her nostrils. With every step, fluid seeps from the bottom of her soles to the tiny crevices between her toes, a distinct squish. 500 more words

Inner Work

Starting Again

I’m always embarassed to write these ones.  The ones after I gave up and have decided to start again, bigger than I was before.  At least its only been two months…I’ve gone longer in the past. 244 more words

The Journey

The Sacrifice of Generosity

Generous: characterized by a noble or kindly spirit; liberal in giving; marked by abundance or ample proportions

Abundance: an ample quality; affluence, wealth; relative degree of plentifulness… 1,202 more words

The Journey


Sometimes life just gets too hard. You think everything is going good, you think you’re doing better, you think that maybe you won’t fall down and get hurt again. 250 more words