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The Journey: Happiness

Good Monday Morning! Thanks for coming back for yet another challenge. This is day one and I’m calling it The Journey. If you have any better names, please tell me and I’ll use it for the next one. 809 more words


The Black Sheep – Is It Okay to Leave Your Biological Family? ~ Lia Love / Wake Up World

23rd July 2016

By Lia Love

Guest writer for Wake Up World

“You did not invent these family habits. Your family is like mine; for thousands and thousands of years our families have embraced a dysfunctional lifestyle, passing these habits as gospel on to subsequent generations. 1,742 more words

The Journey

More Miniatures

The 28mm Thirteenth on the march, judging from their right-shoulder arms.

Via an Arizona wargamer’s blog.

The Journey

The mental and physical affects of moving abroad.

We’ve heard it all before. Our parents tell us, our grandparents tell us, our friends tell us: “travel the world, it’s good for the soul”. Travelling is supposed to free us of the chains in which society has bound us. 1,193 more words

Hong Kong

The last two days. . .

For the last two days I have written, as per my rules, however, they are not meant for everyone to read. They are erotica that is specifically designed to cater to my own personal kinks, which is a very definitive list that is very taboo on multiple levels. 321 more words

The Journey