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SARAH MAY - Single Review: "The Journey"

Singer-songwriter Sarah May has one of the most striking voices of any female artist around today. Based in London, England, she’s a seasoned singer/songwriter and music producer who’s been writing and recording songs since she was a teen. 445 more words


5 Years

Five years ago this month I retired on disability from teaching. Over the past several months, it’s finally sunk in that I am truly retired, as in I don’t have to work to earn enough for me and my family to live on. 1,274 more words


May 24, 2019: A Shift in Perspecive

I have been behind a camera since I was approximately 15 or years old.  In the early days I didn’t have a clue on how to take a photo “properly”, e.g., correct exposure, composition, etc.., you get the drift.   1,092 more words

The Journey

Personal Confusion

Recently, after listening to the Love, Food podcast for this week, I started to think about where I am in this process. I feel like it has been relatively easy to embrace the idea of intuitive eating. 439 more words

Health At Every Size

Lean In...

I was in my early thirties when I went up for a rebound in a pick-up game of basketball and came down on a much larger guy’s foot. 715 more words

The Journey

Baby Steps.

Today was the first day that I have attempted to run in a very, very, very long time.

I’m not in the hospital, sooo… it must have gone okay. 1,415 more words

The Journey

Doin' It For: The Fashion

In the last post of this series, I shared a desire to celebrate my future thinner body by taking a trip to the French Riviera… 2,055 more words

The Journey