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what i have learned from the fat cat

My voluptuous polar bear sized beautiful baby boy has taught me so much these past few months. He is the most chill cat that I have ever had and even though he has been sick for over nine months with no clear diagnosis, he really gives no ducks. 66 more words


journey of the unseen

*just a note – this was one of the first things I had written on my diagnosis.. my chart truly reads cranky old crone. While this blog is not specifically on this topic, it is still a part of my journey.
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The Journey

to the witch i burned

I had been sliding carelessly (okay – sometimes ardently) into a life of negative. I would like to say the devil made me and outside influences contributed but the truth of it is this – we make our own decisions. 287 more words


nola on my mind

Years ago I went to New Orleans.. everything changed. I put my hand on Marie Laveau’s tomb and asked for movement. I received it. At the time I was there with my closest, it felt like home and we met many people.. 121 more words


The Cruel Cycle that Turns Overthinkers into Underachievers

Have you ever met someone that won’t start something till everything is perfect? Someone that over analyzes every little detail? Someone who isn’t reaching their potential because they are stuck in their head? 1,313 more words


Starry, Starry Night

Note: This piece is in response to some comment threads on a post I shared a few days ago. It’s been lurking in one of my draft folders for years, awaiting the time when it felt right to let it go. 2,656 more words


What do you mean, "If I can"?

Mark 9:22-24 “Have mercy on us and help us, if you can. 23 ‘What do you mean, ‘If I can’?’ Jesus asked. ‘Anything is possible… 354 more words