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The Killing Season 2 - Introduction

I came to the show after seeing many people on the commuter train reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo novel.  I knew it was a mystery story (which I like anyway), but the title was extremely intriguing.  286 more words


New posts are coming - Stay tuned

Hi Guys/Gals.  How are you?  It seems like a perfect time for me to start posting to the blog again on a more regular basis.  It’s summertime here (or will be in a couple of weeks).  135 more words


Who Killed Rosie Larsen In Killing Season Two

When you first see title of this series, what scene is in your mind? What plot have you imagined in your mind? The plot and storyline of the new episode is different from others and the more you see, the more you want to keep until to the end. 372 more words

The Killing 'Bulldog': Walking In Circles

So we’re down to two suspects. Or one. Or forty…. on The Killing, you never take anything at face value, because there’s a good chance its still three or four twists away from a conclusion. 1,067 more words

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The Killing '72 Hours': In Sarah's Head

Back in season 1 when we met Sarah Linden, it was revealed that she’s had a bit of a history getting a little TOO into her own cases, and 20 episodes later, we finally get to find out why…. 1,217 more words

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The Killing 'Sayonara, Hiawatha': Angry Sauce

The second season of The Killing is beginning to gain steam towards its finale, something I thought gave the show a lot of momentum in… 1,217 more words

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The Killing 'Off The Reservation': Focused and Determined

Let me say this first: ‘Off The Reservation’ was the best episode of The Killing since the pilot. By moving away from the soapier elements of the show like fancy hookers and family secrets and focusing on a few direct plot lines, the show actually revealed some important details, and felt much more like a show with a goal, then a show meandering around idiotic story lines we could care less about. 1,114 more words

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