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Here at Gravetye we have a fruit cage devoted entirely to blueberries.  This is not only as they are a superb crop, which the chefs really love, but also as they need special conditions in which to grow.  150 more words


Muck Spreading

One of the greatest jobs at this time of the year is the moving of our own compost material into the garden. Not only is it satisfying to see the beautiful black goodness which we have managed to produce from our waste and kitchen scraps, but also the physical nature of the job makes it an ideal way to keep warm.  179 more words


Brussels Sprouts

With the kitchens closed for a couple of months for renovation work, we are lucky this year to be able to clear the Kitchen Garden of the Winter crops earlier than usual in order to prepare for the new season ahead.  77 more words


Fruit Pruning

This week in the Kitchen Garden we have started one of my favourite jobs, pruning the fruit bushes.  Redcurrants, white currants, black currants and gooseberries all need pruning at this time of year.  93 more words


Living the High Life

Since August, I think I’ve spent more time in the garden above the ground than on it. Perched atop ladders of varying heights and invariably encased in a cloud of 2-stroke exhaust, it’s hedge-cutting and fruit tree-pruning time. 447 more words

The Walled Garden


Although it may seem odd to some people to become excited by rotted vegetable matter and manure, as gardeners, a large pile of well-rotted compost can be one of the most beautiful sights in a garden. 179 more words


Autumn Vegetables

Now that Autumn is truly here the vegetable garden has taken a shift from the last of the Summer crops to true Winter ones. This year, with the proposed restaurant extension and closure of the hotel, we are in a unique position.  163 more words