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Gateway Drugs - Magick Spells – Album Review

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By Rick Andrade


Clearly, Prescott Niles maintained a very musical household. The Knack bassist who held the low end for one of the most enduring hits in history (“My Sharona”) has spawned four musical progenies who have come together as… 242 more words

Album Review

Old/New Albums: The Knack's "Get The Knack"

There is a good chance you don’t know The Knack or this album outside of their massive hit, “My Sharona.” Before this review, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you who did the song, much less what album it was from. 335 more words


The men don't know ...

Many years ago, I got rid of one of the worst, most unappealing LPs I’ve ever bought. Lately, I have a weird yen to hear it again. 1,001 more words


Το 1995 οι Veruca Salt στο single τους με τίτλο Victrola διασκεύασαν το τραγούδι My Sharona των Knack.

Ένα τραγούδι το οποίο είχε κυκλοφορήσει το 1979 στο album Get the Knack.



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Book Review

Carter Alan's Rock N' Roll Diary: February 14 in Classic Rock History

In 1993 Eric Clapton won six GRAMMYs for his “Unplugged” albums, its songs and performances. That session was an MTV in-studio concert that unfolded as the cameras rolled. 258 more words


A Yankee visits

Well, hello you! This is becoming quite the habit. Two posts in the space of (just over) a week…who’d have thunk it.??

Anyway, this is where things get a little tricky, as some records came into my life now which I neither bought nor requested, but they were records which I clutched to my bosom, consumed, and then nearly 40 years later decided to share with you, you lucky people. 888 more words