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Episode 5: 1979

In this long overdue episode of Off The Record, the ball is given to Jim who runs with it taking listeners on a musical tour of 1979 with a selection of Jim’s favorite albums from that year. It’s classic Jim.


Record #456: The Knack - Get The Knack (1979)

These days, the Knack is mostly remembered for just one single: the infectious, raunchy “My Sherona” that still gets airtime on every classic rock station in the country. 286 more words


Crisis Fest - Sunflower Bean

In the last couple of weeks my life has been chaos. I’ve had a constant pain in my face after a traumatic battle with a dentist (she was only half my size and weight but she gave me a pounding fit for the UFC) I’ve had my beloved eldest doggie leave us for the great beyond and Mrs ForTheDeaf has been in turn, to Russia, to hospital and confined to bed. 315 more words

Certain Songs

Short Skirt/Long Jacket - Cake

Oh the power of advertising. The indie world knew who Cake were before the iPod was invented thanks mostly to their slow languid cover version of I Will Survive. 263 more words

Certain Songs

You've Got Another Thing Coming - Judas Priest

Some metal anthems transcend the genre and just become ‘Dad Rock Anthems’ forever to be repackaged and resold in compilation albums with poor graphics on the front of electric guitars and explosions. 301 more words

Certain Songs

Song-a-day (12)- My Sharona


Artist: The Knack

Song Title: My Sharona

Album Title: Get the Knack 

Year of Release: 1979