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Daily Draw: Mimir's Fountain and The Rheingold

Today’s draw is an interesting combination of seeking wisdom and being sneaky about it while you’re doing it — actually, “sneaky” isn’t the right word. It’s more like not letting everyone know you’re going out in search of it. 58 more words


Falling in Like With You

I didn’t want to like him. I didn’t want to go through this pain again. My whole life I have only ever liked two boys, Otis and Superman. 506 more words

My Crazy Life

The Beauty of the Unexpected

Hello, lovelies. Well, it’s almost Christmas time, thank God, and the first semester of my senior year is drawing to a close. Finals are upon us, and I am slowly and steadily losing my mind. 619 more words

My Crazy Life

Daily Draw: Gargoyle, The Golden Age (Wholeness), Thor (Strength)

Today’s draw is a reminder that we are protected by unseen forces, and that it’s important to release worry and stress because we can be our own worst enemy if we let our tension and anxiety run the floor. 61 more words



An old favourite book
– yellowed with age,
pored over countless times,
stained with my fingerprints,
littered with your name.

August 29, 2015



Empty screen,
the cursor flickers, waits.
The fingers can’t pen
what the heart feels
but don’t understand.
Still, in invisible ink,
your name has been etched… 8 more words