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All things considered, I think M*A*S*H was my favourite American sit-com, even if it was sometimes more sit’ than com’.  The Korean War wasn’t exactly a barrel of laughs, I’m sure.   121 more words

President Park Geun-hye Happy To Hold North Korea Summit Without Any Pre-Conditions

South Korean President Park Geun-hye said on Monday she was willing to hold a summit meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un without any pre-condition but maintained the country still needed an anti-North security law. 516 more words

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Book review: Nothing Saved Us: Poems of the Korean War by Tamra J. Higgins

The following was printed in Seven Days 12/17/14:

Book review: Nothing Saved Us: Poems of the Korean War by Tamra J. Higgins

by Julia Shipley… 264 more words

June 28, 1950

I am a coward of my own making. I fled when my people need me the most. They trusted me to be more than a lair, to be a leader, to be someone they could look up to. 480 more words

Syngman Rhee

Slightly surprised would be the description of the teachers at my school when I turned up in shorts, t-shirt and a hiking pack. The hike was up Namsan mountain, which according to my supervisor, ‘every town has a south(ern) facing mountain.’ The hike started off in good order, with the third grades leading off. 411 more words


The Korean War

The Korean War by Max Hastings

I finally finished this great book. It took me 9 days to finish, but I finished it. I’ve never read anything about the Korean War before, so when I opened this book I was very happy that it took me from beginning to end and described the war with a great amount of knowledge. 109 more words