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Thomas Hudner: Medal of Honor Recipient – He Crashed His Plane To Save His Comrade

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Thomas Hudner is a great example of American exceptionalism and bravery. 

It is common in combat for valiant men to risk their lives to help their buddies. 969 more words

The war between North and South Korea

North and South Korea originally formed one country. They are located on the Korean peninsula in eastern Asia. Until 1910, an emperor was in power in Korea. 219 more words

Late Modern Period

James E. Williams, Medal of Honor: The Most Decorated Enlisted Sailor in the US Navy

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R.I.P.Boatswain’s Mate 1st Class James E. Williams.

The greats of the United States Navy are usually champions of the oceans. Rear Admiral Richard O’Kane and famous submarine Commander Rear Admiral Eugene Fluckey picked up their Medals of Honor for service in WWII in the Pacific. 595 more words

Major Charles J. Loring Jr: Dived Into a Korean Artillery Battery

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R.I.P.Major Charles J. Loring Jr.

When people speak of a plane recklessly and intentionally diving into an enemy, the word Kamikaze comes to mind. 806 more words

The Real Reason Behind The North Korea Scare

Alright readers listen here because the mass media is lying to you about North Korea. Why? Because it ruins the narrative they have built for years. 358 more words

Legal Duty, Homelessness & Veterans

“Since 1979, when a homeless veteran of the Korean war successfully sued the city for failing to provide him with shelter, the city has had a legal duty to house those unable to afford a home. 47 more words

“This article was first published by International Action Center June 29, 2008 – ” ICH

Truth Commission Reveals History of Korean War

U.S.-South Korea carried out massacres of civilians…

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