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The Confederate Flag and The Illuminati

The Confederate Flag and The Illuminati

Two men
One named Robert E. Lee
The other named Albert Pike
Both generals in the Confederate Army
Lee was personally an abolitionist- describing slavery as an “evil institution” 793 more words


Margaret Sanger, the KKK, and a socialist worldview

By Al Benson Jr.

In the past few days I have read and heard commentary about Margaret Sanger and her ties to Planned Parenthood, the KKK, and some elusive thing called “the Southern Strategy” which, as I gather from the commentary is supposed to be some sort of a Southern agenda to eliminate black people. 789 more words

10 fascinating facts about President Ulysses Grant

This is from the National Constitution Center.

A few facts about Unconditional Surrender Grant.

Today marks the 193rd birthday of Ulysses Grant, who played a unique role in American history. 643 more words


This ones for all the right wing Bubba’s and the national infestation known as Aryan Nations, the Ku Klux Klan, and all their kindred.

Well here you go, a prime example of the closed minded “patriotic” approach so common to the right wing… 141 more words