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In 4Africa, home visitations are conducted  as a way of strengthening the relationships and improving the living conditions of the women beneficiaries.

These visits are often done by Co-founders, volunteers, management team and staff members.To our women, we make sure that we follow them up promptly not only at the work place but also to their home environment. 144 more words

The Ladies

Power supply, Security Measures & 4Africa car

Trolltech Foundation is a Norwegian non-profit charitable foundation which aims to help people in developing areas of the world. We have been privileged as an organisation to be one of the beneficiaries of this foundation. 138 more words

The Eyes Have It; The Cosmic Cosmetics of Trek

Jeepers Creepers! Apparently, Cover Girl and Maybelline still sell in the  23rd century!  You gotta give make up director Fred Phillips credit for creating truly cosmic eye make-up for the ladies (and many men) of TOS.  585 more words

Star Trek

Endre Svingen Nilsson at 4Africa

Meet Endre all the way from Moss Norway, an enthusiastic teenager with the heart to support Ugandan Women. For the past 10 weeks, he has been volunteering with his knowledge and skills as :- 4Africa driver, Maintaining of computers and other electronic equipments, servicing the tailoring machines, supporting in administration and business matters when needed, training staff members and supervisors in computer skills. 26 more words

Going Down

She tasted like lemongrass.

I sift through her sex, caressing textures and sampling aromas. Compare and contrast through the backcatalog of lovers past (tastes like smells like shaped like) in the moment though and singularly devoted to the task at hand- application of past data ever adapting as preliminary results filter in- she calls my name- empirically positive result flagged for future engagements (cofile under ego et al.)- she pulls me in and she is strong. 67 more words

Going Down

Parties and Ages (Part 1)

The sounds of a party are somewhat disconcerting if we’re entirely honest.

You see, they inspire dread–in a way.

They imply “human interaction”, and “human interaction” is always so scary–for most people. 317 more words

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