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I’ve been published in The Lady!

I come from a working class background and would never had thought in a million years that I would ever have any connection with The Lady magazine. 171 more words

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The Lady-4: His Story

He was lost in his own thoughts, while Meera was scolding the babysitter, Ramya. She was standing like a guilty school girl. Her family also showed their support to Meera. 331 more words

The Lady

The Lady-3: The Search

The night she pinged him, she was emotionally broke. She felt alone in the city. The society looked unfamiliar and he, somehow, appeared the only one. 325 more words

The Lady

The Lady-2: Second Chance

“When two people are in love, they defy logic. Logical beings cannot get into a relationship, is so true. We both too, were irrational, when binded in an institution that, we believed, will last longer and run forever. 381 more words

The Lady

Chapter 64

As waiting went, three days was almost impossibly short. Devlin and I had spent entire weeks idling in various European countries while a potential contact took steps to secure the area and not every one of those occasions had ended with an actual meeting. 3,109 more words


The Lady-1: Second Meet Up

Standing outside the metro station, a sudden tap on his shoulder bamboozeled him. Turnaround time was so reactive and awkward that he scared the provocateur. The woman was fair and was carrying a baby. 379 more words

The Lady