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I haven't figured out what to call her yet.

The day started a tad chilly and I found a new thing happening in my car when the days start like this,. First there’s a text saying risk of ice (a bit odd since it was above 0C, 32F) and the digit that showed how chilly it was, was blinking all the time. 346 more words

Early Autumn.

September 21, 2016

Dear “Boltz”–

Good grief. You turned 12 today. How is that even a possibility?? You are easing us into the impending teenagehood (one last golden year of a “kid”!) with your pre-teen angst and tweener ‘tude. 928 more words

Not a nice night.

Last night was horrible in many ways. I woke up just before 12pm because it was so hot in the bedroom. I also woke up the dogs so I tossed them outside for a few minutes before going back to bed. 433 more words


What is it with Mondays?

Late again and I haven’t done a thing I had planned to do after work today :-) Mondays are just impossible for me to do anything it seems and I wonder why. 150 more words


4th of July

July 4, 2016 | As with most years, 4th of July is spent at the lake with our family! Fireworks aren’t illegal like they are at home, and I figured this year E would be all excited about them…not to mention we could push her bedtime a little bit. 429 more words


The Lake

11:30 pm on a Thursday night. To me that means pajamas, sleepy time┬átea and the cheesiest Hallmark movies I can possibly find. Instead I get a text from Tanner and the only words I need to see are “Meet me by the Lake.” and I’m pulling on my shoes, putting a┬ácardigan around my shoulders and heading out the door. 632 more words

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