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Bathory - The Lake

Country of origin: Sweden

Genre: Viking/Black Metal

Lyrical Themes: (Earlier Bathory) Satanism, Evil – (Later Bathory) Vikings/Paganism

Album: Blood on Ice

In this song, the narrator is told to give up his eyes so that he can “truly see.” That’s an interesting concept. 124 more words


the lake

I was in the lake

The darkness looming, flowing

The moon shining so bright showing off for the sun

But the lights are too fucking bright when you see all the dirt… 191 more words

Fireworks At The Lake

I’ve posted a few times about things happening at the lake where my dad lives. Surprisingly I haven’t made a Lake category. I’ll get to fixing that as soon as I’m done with this. 355 more words


Just waiting for it to arrive.

It is getting darker and darker outside, a storm will pass during the day they say. Didn’t notice much of the wind when we were out on our morning walk though and we did walk in the fields since the hunters have been in the forest today. 346 more words

My Dogs And Cats.

December Flash Fic: The Lake

Calum parked in front of the cabin, and he and Rob took their luggage and groceries inside, stomping snow off their boots before crossing the threshold. 1,487 more words


The Lake, Central Park, NY MG_1394

The Lake is a main feature of Central Park in New York City which is located right behind the Bethesda Fountain.


Wander around Bellagio! Enjoy the atmosphere and the unique details

The Basilica of St. James (San Giacomo), built by 12th century artisans from Como is the focal point of the piazza behind the main shopping streets of Bellagio. 226 more words

The Lake