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12. The lamb for eating

Meditating on Great Themes in John:   12. The Lamb for eating

John 6:53,54    Jesus said to them, “I tell you the truth, unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink his blood, you have no life in you. 1,280 more words


Blogging With Saint John: How we can be victorious over the beast.

Revelation 14

John’s next vision contrasts the mark which identifies the followers of the lamb with the mark the beast had sealed his followers. The Lord’s followers are depicted as a victorious army but one which has conquered not by means of military might or violence but through spiritual means, humility, love, faithfulness and righteousness. 336 more words


Missing Door

It was cold inside

As the door was missing

Food And Drink

Blogging With Saint John: The Judgments of the Lamb.

Revelation 6

As the Lamb opens the first 4 seals, angelic horsemen emerge. These are similar to those spoken of by the prophet Zechariah (chapter 6). 370 more words


Steal This Learning Log - Week Seventeen

So were now in week Seventeen and coming closer to the end of the year which is scary to even contemplate!! I remember when we all just began!! 2,341 more words

First Year Learning Logs

Day #242, Revelation 14 - The Good News During Hard Times

Revelation 14

Out of the worship of the beast from all over the world comes chapter 14… a reminder that though all seems lost because the world has literally gone mad with the worship of evil and the rejection of God – … 1,392 more words


Tyger, Lamb, and Dead Sylphs

The tyger in the room prowls and flicks his tail.
He stretches his long feral body and gives a lazy stretch.
He knows he has me cornered, cowering like a lamb. 397 more words