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The Last Battle

The Last Battle is the cruelest, and most heart rending of the Chronicles of Narnia, as perhaps is appropriate for the last book in the series. 813 more words

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The Liberal Chronicle of Narnia: 'The Earth Priestess Brings Social Justice to the Workers'

Hundreds of writers have tried to imitate C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia. This is the latest effort.

The “Earth Priestess,” as you may have guessed, is really the White Witch, come back to Narnia to liberate its oppressed minorities from the religious hegemony of Aslan, the Lion. 367 more words

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An Ape and a Pig

After reading this article over the weekend and watching the buffoonery of Monday night’s debate, I noticed that our current presidential candidates are strikingly similar to some characters I’ve encountered in fiction- and not characters that we would (or at least… 562 more words


For Narnia: The Last Battle

Why does Lewis include all the CN characters in this volume (except Susan, of course)?

I think it is kind of like a serenade—a goodbye—to Narnia as the readers have come to know it. 652 more words


Book Review: The Last Battle

Although cliché, it is certainly true that history is the story of intersecting paths. History’s best stories are those whose various character paths originate at points most divergent from each other. 331 more words


Con Temporary Fiction

Let’s use the word “unpack” in a contemporary way, by unpacking the word “contemporary”.

1630s, from Medieval Latin contemporarius, from Latin com- “with” (see  937 more words


What Will Heaven Be Like?

The conclusion of C.S. Lewis’s The Last Battle is an apt way of thinking about what Glory will be.

“And as spoke he no longer looked to them like a lion; but the things that began to happen after that were so great and beautiful that I cannot write them. 91 more words