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For Narnia: The Last Battle

Why does Lewis include all the CN characters in this volume (except Susan, of course)?

I think it is kind of like a serenade—a goodbye—to Narnia as the readers have come to know it. 652 more words


Book Review: The Last Battle

Although cliché, it is certainly true that history is the story of intersecting paths. History’s best stories are those whose various character paths originate at points most divergent from each other. 331 more words


Con Temporary Fiction

Let’s use the word “unpack” in a contemporary way, by unpacking the word “contemporary”.

1630s, from Medieval Latin contemporarius, from Latin com- “with” (see  937 more words


What Will Heaven Be Like?

The conclusion of C.S. Lewis’s The Last Battle is an apt way of thinking about what Glory will be.

“And as spoke he no longer looked to them like a lion; but the things that began to happen after that were so great and beautiful that I cannot write them. 91 more words

No longer children, tossed to and fro

I’ve just finished reading the Narnia series again. I enjoy how C.S.Lewis fills the stories with Biblical insights, even as he narrates in a way that will engross children (and adults). 728 more words


Book Review: The Last Battle

So, this is it; the final book in the Narnia series. Like the other reviews, this will contain massive spoilers.

It tells the story of the last days of Narnia, which isn’t much of a spoiler as it’s mentioned in the opening line. 2,947 more words

Book Review

The Last Battle


The Normandy Landings is likely one of the most hyped battles of World War Two but the least praiseworthy. How does the scale of time and loss of life compare with the Battle for Courland? 386 more words

Historical Revisionism