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Transformers The Last Knight

Bem vindos ao blog Remake, neste primeiro post irei falar sobre o quinto filme da saga Transformers. The Last Knight, todas as novidades acerca do filme que tem como data de estreia 23 junho de 2017. 143 more words

Anthony Hopkins at the Transformers: The Last Knight filming

As you will all know from my previous post and my social media promo, I saw Anthony Hopkins down at the filming for Transformers: The Last Knight on Saturday in London. 427 more words


Robots in disguise, Excalibur, and…Nazis?

Just the other day, The Sun shared an intriguing image from the set of Transformers the Last Knight–The Sun as in the news outlet in the UK, not the sun that illuminates our solar system, you know what’s up. 202 more words

Stanley Tucci is back for Transformers: The Last Knight

At an event in Deauville, France, Tucci spoke of his upcoming commitments. Among them was the role of Joshua Joyce in Michael Bay’s Fifth installment of the live action Transformers saga. 152 more words

Hot Rod (Rodimus Prime)

The second character seen in the pics revealed from Transformers: The Last Knight is a new entry, and quite a major one: Hot Rod, who has still an unknown voice actor. 1,070 more words


Runner (Barricade)

The first pics from the upcoming Transformers: The Last Knight have been released, and the first robot revealed is an old acquaintance, one of the longest living  819 more words