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On the Maturation of Videogames

Last month among a slough of amazing game announcements at E3 a new God of War game was finally announced. It stuck out to me for two reasons. 692 more words

Optimistic Blog Post

On Authorial Intention (Is the author the only one who can interpret a story?)

The “Correctness” of Interpretation

From time to time I run across people who insist that the author’s interpretation is the only way to engage with a story. 1,053 more words

Video Games

The Dark Waters of Bioshock

Although there are many interesting elements within the story of Bioshock that deserve attention, my intention for these reviews is to keep them as short as possible. 1,563 more words

PS3 Review: The Last of Us

The Last of Us takes place in post-pandemic world where a type of fungus infected the masses, thus ending society. Times are tough for the hero, Joel, who, along with his partner Tess, takes odd jobs to survive. 378 more words


Why The Last of Us Movie Needs To Happen

Video game movies are almost universally poorly-received. The critics don’t like them, they don’t resonate with general audiences, and they frequently have too little confidence in the source material to satisfy the fans. 219 more words


The Last of Us: Muse's 'Survival' Trailer

I did very minor editing and added the song ‘Survival’ (London 2012 Olympic theme song) by one of my favorite bands, Muse, into the trailers of The Last of Us. 52 more words