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10 bosses we still feel guilty about killing

We don’t usually feel bad for beating and overcoming video game bosses, especially when they pose a huge threat to our adventure. However, there have been cases where certain video game villains have left us to ponder who the real monster is. 72 more words


Dr. Jones

Still a bit sick. I’ve been continuing my Harrison Ford -athon brought on by Star Wars love to make it through the  illness. Since I finished Star Wars and the Fugitive I jumped next into the magic of Indiana Jones. 92 more words

10 Anticipated Video Games

As you may already know, I love playing video games and, of course, I am anticipating some amazing ones this year. All of them, except for the first one, are in no particular order, as I want to play all of them equally as much. 1,082 more words

Video Games

The Last of Us for Playstation 3 - Trophy hunter

I have recently been revisiting some games I’ve played before. In particular, ones that I’ve not got many trophies in. For The Last of Us, I had achieved only 3% of trophies, so I decided to have another go. 556 more words

Video Games

Early to Bed

Today was almost a wash. I spent most of it playing a video game. Morgan from years back wouldn’t recognize this video game player, but that’s what you get, and the Last of Us, is just so much more then a video game to me. 68 more words

The Last Of Us

The Last of Us

in Action, Adventure, Horror

The Last of Us is an action-adventure survival horror video game developed by Naughty Dog and published by Sony Computer Entertainment. 288 more words


100th Review Special, Part 3: Thrashing the Threes

Whether it was through Schoolhouse Rock, De La Soul’s debut album, or the Planescape setting of Dungeons & Dragons, we were taught that three is the magic number. 3,210 more words