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To Save a Life

“I need something smuggled out of the city. I’ll give you your guns and then some.”, said Marlene. Joel and Tess agreed but they never could’ve guessed exactly what Marlene wanted smuggled out. 504 more words


The Tale of David: The Last of Us, Fan Fiction

The Tale of David (Based on The Last of Us)
Bunmi Hazzan
Copyright (c) 2014

I was like you once. I lived in the world. I had a home, a wife, 2 daughters, I had a job. 893 more words

The Last Of Us

The Last of Us: Left Behind - Case Study

The Last of Us: Left Behind – Case Study

Bunmi Hazzan
Copyright © 2014


The aim of this case study is to examine the relationship between Ellie and Riley using Left Behind and American Dreams and look at how it affects Ellie’s character during The Last of Us. 563 more words

The Last Of Us

That Little Girl

That Little Girl (Based on The Last of Us)
Bunmi Hazzan
Copyright © 2014

When we met she was annoying
Some jumped up puffy faced kid… 228 more words


Been Waiting for This

Been Waiting for This:

So March to me isn’t much of an eventful month for me. I don’t really care much for St. Patricks day so instead I just wanted to do a top ten video game/franchise. 137 more words


Best Gaming Easter Eggs - Part II

Although more prevalent in the past than in this day and age, everybody loves finding Easter Eggs in their video games. From subtle references to other games, films or anything in-between to whole levels imitating a particular section of another title, finding these surprises might seem trivial to some, although fans of said games certainly appreciate a developer’s effort. 470 more words