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Victor Dixon: The Last of Us Online

Whenever he’s not doing homework for his Criminal Justice classes, Victor Dixon is doing his damnedest to bring victory to his Faction in The Last of Us Online. 353 more words

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Why Last Of Us Is Still One Of The Best Games Of This Decade

For all the tabloid fueled controversy around video games and whether or not they warp your mind, one thing they can definitely do is give you a definite “woah” moment. 261 more words


Let Me Tell You Why You Like Games With Great Stories That Aren't Story Games

So first off, I’d like to apologize for that title. I know, it’s more than a little wordy. Believe it or not that was the end product of twenty minutes of thinking. 1,354 more words


Last Of Us 2 Will Probably Launch In June 2018

Although the PlayStation Meeting that revealed the PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro was great in terms of hardware, a little part of us was disappointed that there wasn’t even a whiff of new software – namely  280 more words


The Apocalypse in Videogames: Part 1

ellVideo games about the apocalypse are not rare or new in any sense, but recently the genre has been enjoying new-found popularity and success in video games when presented in a particular fashion. 2,424 more words


Why Everyone Loves The Last of Us

The Last of Us is universally praised for its realistic depiction of the human condition as well as a realistic depiction of the physical world, but why do we each as individuals enjoy this game? 1,793 more words


Podcast Bonus Episode #2 Gaming Special

In our second bonus episode we chat about our favourite games from childhood, the best games we’re currently playing and the games we’re most looking forward to. 126 more words