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Fractured Air 37: No Rush (A Mixtape by Polar Bear)

Polar Bear (UK/The Leaf Label) have established themselves as one of the most intriguing and vital contemporary collectives over the last decade or so. Since their debut full length… 305 more words


Your heart is so loud

The music on this short BMW advert has been pricking up my ears everytime I’ve heard it between the ad breaks on Sky Arts. Oh the power of the internet. 25 more words

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Fractured Air 26: Silence & Violence (A Mixtape by Roll The Dice)

Roll The Dice comprise the Stockholm duo of Malcolm Pardon and Peder Mannerfelt, who released their hugely anticipated third LP this year, ‘Until Silence’, via the renowned UK-based independent The Leaf Label. 273 more words


various artists ~ i (analog/max/msp) : sound

Γυναικείες χροιές, σκονισμένο σέλας, προγραμματισμένες τίγρεις. Κώδικες, λέξεις-κλειδιά, νέοι τρόποι έκφρασης και διοχέτευσης synαισθημάτων, από τρεις μουσικές πηγές, με εμφανή επιρροή τον αναλογικό ήχο, αλλά με το αυτί στραμμένο δυνατά στο τώρα. 138 more words


Julia Kent//Character

Julia Kent


The Leaf Label, 2013

The cello is not the kind of instrument that is often attached to the word “virtuoso,” and indeed, New York-based cellist/composer Julia Kent may not technically be a virtuoso with her instrument of choice, such is her sense of restraint and texture. 580 more words


Melt Yourself Down//Melt Yourself Down

Melt Yourself Down

Melt Yourself Down

The Leaf Label, 2013

Jazz often falls victim to certain presuppositions that it is stuffy, over-intellectual music. Classic albums of the genre may seem to be extremely mannered, but, due to its reliance on improvisation, jazz is one of the musical forms most invested with the freewheeling thrill of creation by the time it is laid down to tape. 533 more words


Whatever You Love You Are: Cécile Schott (Colleen)

Cécile Schott reveals the music that has been inspiring her lately. This May marks the release of Colleen’s stunning album “The Weighing Of The Heart” on Second Language. 321 more words