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Korrasami Returns

Spoiler Alert!

I have just read the part one of the newly released Legend of Korra graphic novel, Turf Wars.

It picks up directly from where the animated series ends – with Korra and Asami walking hand-in-hand through the portal into the spirit world. 546 more words

The Legend Of Korra

My Top Ten Story Arcs in Western Animation

Western Animated shows, on the whole, are fundamentally different from anime in a number of ways.

The tropes they employee, their general reputation, the style they use–it all combines to create a more lighthearted, comedic atmosphere in comparison to the Japanese medium many know and love.   3,988 more words


A memorable dream

This giant, metallic silver spaceship/humanoid robot that resembled the Samus Power Suit and Kuvira from Legend of Korra’s giant robot was drifting through space. It had a pulsating, spherical core of flame-coloured nuclear energy. 124 more words

Dream Diary


Korra and Asami from The Legend of Korra were in a tunnel that reminded me of the one underneath Fort Briggs from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Apparently the LoK show was a musical and I didn’t like that? 43 more words

Dream Diary


Hello, there. Here’s another Korra episode review. So the Fire Ferrets need money, Bolin hangs out with the wrong crowd, gets kidnapped, Amon leads what seems to be some World War II propaganda against benders, displays the only the thing that could possibly convince the audience that he’s a threat to an almost fully realized Avatar in removing the bender’s power, Korra saves the day with Mako, and the legend of Amon grows. 391 more words


THE LEGEND OF KORRA REVIEW: Welcome to Republic City; A Leaf in the Wind Part 2

Here’s another Korra review. In today’s episode, Korra learns about air bending philosophy. Tenzin teaches her in ways that would prove to be no problem if it was Aang doing them, but Korra is not Aang and she’s very forceful which is the exact opposite of how the philosophy is supposed to work. 490 more words


THE LEGEND OF KORRA REVIEW:Welcome to Republic City; A Leaf in the Wind Part 1

Well, I finally found time away from work to do another one of these. It’s no One Piece and I will be returning to that soon, but here’s a review of the first episode of Korra. 740 more words