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The Legend of Korra IV.4

I have just finished the fourth episode of the fourth series of The Legend of Korra.

In The Calling, Korra finally confronts her fears. 326 more words


The Legend of Korra IV.3

In Episode Three, The Coronation, Kuvira launches a military coup and installs herself as ruler of a new Earth Empire.

Korra, meanwhile, has been led by a spirit into a forest in the back of beyond to a metal bender who she hopes will help her to reconnect with her avatar self. 324 more words


The Legend of Korra IV.2

The Legend of Korra is not content to rest in the emotional shallows. We do not see Korra fighting the enemy, defeating them and then moving on as if nothing happened. 380 more words


The Legend of Korra IV.1

The fourth series of The Legend of Korra has just been released on DVD in the U.K.

I found out about this American anime/cartoon series last year via Twitter, watched some episodes on You Tube, liked them so bought the DVDs of series 1-3. 521 more words


Wanna Watch Every Episode Of The Legend of Korra For Free?

From now until Sunday Nov. 30th, Comicbook.com has announced that all episodes of The Legend of Korra are available to stream for free on Nick.com… 89 more words

The Legend of Korra Newbie Recap: Season Three Premiere

This post originally appeared on The Mary Sue.

Welcome to season three, where Korra and Asami flirt with each other and make fun of Mako behind his back. 940 more words