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I’m weird, I like cartoons that are drawn well. Now, Adventure time, for example, pretty good show but it isn’t visually impressive, but it has it’s own style. 534 more words


Monkey D. Dragon-The World's Most Wanted Man[One Piece] [HD]

Monkey D. Dragon-The World’s Most Wanted Man

Monkey D. Dragon-The World’s Most Wanted Man 6 more words

Have You Picked Up Your Copy Yet? |Free Comic Book Day Haul 2018

Saturday, May 5th is Free Comic Book Day! Have you had a chance to pick up your favorite title?

Last year a new comic book shop opened up a few blocks away from my home, so I decided to make the trek down there to check out their selection. 981 more words


Three Beautiful Live Performances of Animation Soundtracks

If you’re lucky enough to know me, you know that there are precious few things I obsess over more than animation and soundtracks. That’s why, in what may be my most on-brand act yet, I’ve decided to share with you all the very inner-workings of my brain: my favorite live soundtrack medleys from animated shows and movies. 948 more words


How To Quit The Legend of Kora (video game) In 5 Minutes

In a matter of a few short years, Platinum Games has managed to build a gaming repertoire that couldn’t be matched. Metal Gear Rising Revengeance… 1,506 more words

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8 Animated Kids Shows Everyone Should Know

There’s been a lot of discussion lately that animated shows made for kids should be judged on a curve completely disregarding the fact that kids are smart as hell and can get just as frustrated with inconsistent characterization and weak storylines as adults. 1,115 more words


Episode 53: The Last Airbender & The Legend of Korra Matter...But Why Tho?

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This week we welcome back Swara Salih from the Beltway Banthas podcast to talk about one of his and Adrian’s favorite cartoons, Avatar: The Last Airbender. 87 more words

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