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more morocco

morocco has so much more than you would think…. so here are more photos i took during my road-trip last summer

july 2016, morocco…all photos by me

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The Unseen

Everybody Street (2013), directed by Cheryl Dunn, goes into detail about how photographers go through risky situations just to capture an image. One image that constantly popped in my head, was the one of that displayed a gang member pointing a gun straight into the photographers lens. 85 more words

lederhosn and dirndl... vol. 4

yes, it is that time of the year again: where munich is just a little more colorful, more jolly, more humorous… and where none on public transportation is safe from beer-breath, but the perfectly crafted traditional bavarian clothing¬†that get to be shown off, make up for it. 8 more words

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Learning to live in the shadow of environmental doom

Do we have what it will take for New Orleans to survive the next Big One?

One opinion from a young native New Orleanian, in view of the recent environmental devastation around the state. 217 more words

French Quarter

A Caged Sky from Detroit to NY

There was a place called home

but I wanted more

so when I heard of

a thing called a skyline

I had to see it for myself… 144 more words



rabat, the capital of morocco is one of those cities that is not talked about a lot…. at least i haven’t heard much about it before visiting it. 101 more words

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