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all photos by me, march 2015, kinabatangan…. 113 more words


b/w laos

january 2015, laos… all photos by me


The Common Metal

Coins. One rupee coins, two rupees coins, five rupees coins, ten rupees coins…… they are everywhere. From the official mint of the Reserve Bank of India to being used as scrap metal (and fake Indian currency). 135 more words

The Lens

in da cluuuub....

one of the things i just haaaad to do, during vagabonding through my hometown…. was hitting those good old cluuuuubs of munich, with my girl lena…… the way we used to. 7 more words


signs of summer...

i have not really shared any of my munich-photography (except for here), since arriving in the capital of bavaria….. my beautiful hometown. but i could not have chosen a better time…..because the beginning of summer is the most magical. 77 more words


did you know there is an international kite festival?

for my last stop in thailand i decided to revisit my favorite sot….. hua hin, that was coincidentally hosting the international kite festival (yeah, i also didn’t know that that even existed…) well, it was the ideal event for one of those perfectly random days…… 8 more words


kota kinabalu... for a day

march 2013, kota kinabalu, malaysia… all photos by me