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Book Review: The Letter Q

The Letter Q: Queer Writers’ Notes to Their Younger Selves
Edited By: Sarah Moon & James Lecesne
Format, etc: Hardback, 2012

So an author, Sarah, got together with the creator of the Trevor Project, James, and decided to do a non-fiction book on a simple premise – what would you say to your (sometimes much)younger self to say that everything will be okay? 353 more words

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‘Q’ Announces Secession from English Alphabet

Saying it’s tired of sitting on the sidelines for the majority of compositions in the English language, the letter Q announced today its secession from the English alphabet and a ban on all uses of the letter Q in subsequent English compositions. 1,261 more words


Backstage at the Blog: Q is for Quote

I’ve always considered it good manners to be very clear when the words I’m posting belong to someone else–even when the words are my own, but belong in a story … 167 more words


What do I do with a Q?

I went on a quest for answers and was met with more questions. I was in a quandary. Don’t quibble over such nonsense everyone quacked. I quelled the crowd and quickly everyone became quiet. 56 more words

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