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Full Dress of Carabinieri

Sunday Stills, the next challenge: The letter “U”

Sunday Stills

A Horse Named U

Not so much a word as a symbol, and yet, a symbol of what? Of the letter U? Of the shoe on a well-heeled horse? Of a famous Austin, Texas landmark? 144 more words

Art + Photo

Day Five: Kay and Jay's Nashville Adventure

I will be the first to admit that today started off quite rocky. Aside from only sleeping about three hours, I (Kay) woke up with an upset stomach. 563 more words


U, and V, are for...

U…is for ukulele

I took this photo this morning for this post, we bought the ukulele in Hawaii years ago.

The ukulele was first taken to Hawaii by Portuguese immigrants in the 19th century. 165 more words

A Little Bit Of The Everyday

I'll Have Them Both, Thanks!

A few days ago Khana over at Khana’s web nominated me to receive the WordPress Family award. Then a couple of days later Nanuschka nominated me for both the WordPress Family award and the Sunshine Award! 727 more words

About Draliman

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Draliman on Life has kindly shared two wonderful awards with me and although I don't have the day to put into fulfilling all its contractual terms and sub-clauses, I did not want to let this lovely gesture and honor pass uncommented. I aways start out with a big WOW, THANK YOU, YOU REALLY LIKE ME, YOU REALLY LIKE ME! These are beautiful awards and if I do not respond quickly -- I probably won't because I have so many deadlines and commitments over the next weeks -- don't think I have forgotten YOU or the lovely awards. I really need to learn to look at a calendar and recognize the finite number of days per page and know I can't make a deadline in a day. There's a process that requires more time than I allow myself -- and this crunch is the result. I'll expect to be dug out by sometime in August if I don't make any more promises. Does a vow to not make any more vows really count? You'd think I'd have learned by now, but apparently NOT.Sunshine AwardNK-1 I love blogging, but I need to get organized and more realistic Thank you and thank you again. I like your "U" additions. I've always felt that "or" becomes ever so much classier when accompanied by a "oUr"! It's why Brits always sound so much smarter than Yanks. I've made a fresh image for the sunshine award. It was getting a bit tatty and pixelated from too many clonings, so please come by and grab one :-) It's a thank you from me, to you ... and all Sunshine awardees! If you want a really BIG one, ask and it shall be given!