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Wimpy Sunshine, and 165 Days To Go

There are patches of blue showing through the eternal overcastness of the sky but I’m not yet prepared to acknowledge that Spring is here. She’s done this to us before. 377 more words


Signs of ... not Winter?

In spite of the horrendously pathetic showing Spring has managed so far, some brave souls have made their presence known.

Did you know that veggies like celery, some lettuces, etc, can be grown, or re-grown, from their end-y bits? 565 more words


Conversation with my Sewing Machine

Mrs Widds is a frequent visitor to our local town’s many thrift stores. One day she returned with a fluffy bath towel. Up until that moment I’d never understood why extra large towels were called ‘sheets’. 754 more words


The Jester Trees

I went for a walk the other day to clear my head from the dross left inside it by all the writerly stuff I’ve been doing lately. 81 more words


Lost Days

I have an infected tooth and am taking antibiotics which both my dentist and I hope work so I don’t need any heavy duty dentistry. It takes me a day of so to adapt the them so today was a total loss as far as writing goes. 170 more words


The Season Of Snuffles Is Upon Us

Up until we moved here to Widder Island six years ago I never suffered from seasonal or pollen allergies.

Although we’re protected from the worst of the ‘eau de cow-poo’ fertilizer smells this time of the year, the same cannot be said of the airborne things that cause one to go ‘AaaaaaCHooooo’ in the middle of the night, morning, afternoon, evening, that is the by-product of swathes of farmland in the… 320 more words


The Definition of Irrelevance

Recently, I featured a ‘comment’ from the catacombs of my WordPress spam folder.

The catacomb has revealed another gem with yet more sinister overtones.

Let us now gird our loins and be confronted with, in all its gruesome entirety, the sheer terror of … 16 more words