Laughing at Animals

Lets get right to it, shall we?

Introducing the Comedy Wildlife Photo Competition as discovered by Widders via her just-about-favourite-est blog ever, io9.

See the winners … … 42 more words


In The Spirit Of ...

Heh, you thought I was going to say Star Wars, didn’t you? Nope, still avoiding all things spoilery there. Mrs Widds and I are planning to see it in the ‘tween’ time between Christmas and the new year. 28 more words


Curses! ... Foiled Again.

Tonight the Geminid Meteor Shower will be at it’s most meteor-y.

Guess what?

It’s raining. Again!

In fact I venture to say it hasn’t stopped raining since I wanted to see the… 11 more words


Weather report for day 7 of current rainy weather ... it’s raining

Yesterday at sunset a tiny thread of hope peeped out from the west.

Widder Island-ites ran out into the streets and smiled. OK, it was just me, but there’s something truly magical about rainbows that hold up the sky for a few minutes then disappear back to wherever magical rainbows come from. 22 more words


Break a Leg

Among her many accomplishments, Mrs. Widds is an actor. Unfortunately that ‘well-wishing’ phrase had another meaning the other day. She fell and landed on her bum, forearm, and foot, not necessarily in that order. 381 more words


New Toy

Early Christmas present, from us, to us.


These, and many more, have been travelling with us, separately and together, for more than forty years. And there are some we have absolutely no idea from whence they came. 52 more words


A Name, By Any Other Face

I wasn’t planning to watch NBC’s latest offering, Blindspot. My dance card was already nigh to overflowing, and besides, I’d read that the lead actor’s emotional range went from ‘serious scowl’ to ‘my forehead has more furrows than the… 171 more words