24 Little Hours

What a difference a day makes.

After losing two major branches to the Ice-storm we decided our Winter Tree needed some TLC so we made a bit of a garden around her base with some logs from the tree across the way that had a severe prune, ( 303 more words


The Life and Times of...~by Graham Henderson

The Life and Times of…

Kissing the sun, well my lips got burnt
Wolves stake a claim, during the midnight rain
Burning up time, skipping around a music rhyme… 116 more words


Coco the Community Cat’s Appreciation Party

When Coco’s main-person decided to visit her rellies (Aussie slang for ‘relatives’) in Australia and England for a month, she left Coco in the tender care of all her staff-persons along our end of the street. 299 more words


A ‘Follow’ Too Far

The blogging world is strange. There are arcane rituals to be observed, and technological challenges to be overcome, but the most absurd and completely incomprehensible thing of it all is why some people choose to ‘follow’ us. 184 more words


Hardcore Parsley

About this time last year we experimented with a wooden pallet garden. We had an assortment of veggies all happily doing what veggies do, but between marauding wildlife and the Summer of smoke and intense heat, we decided to just let it run wild and see what survived. 85 more words


Birds and Bums

These days the sun sets at around 5pm here on Widder Island, and after an intense day of writing, on novels and blog posts and assorted commentings around the interwebz, my brain was in sore need of fresh air. 530 more words


The Winter Tree

It’s been a long 6 months since I took this picture of our Tree.

The heat, and the smoke, and my ‘chitis, lingered long into Autumn. 437 more words