May The 4ourth Be With You

… especially because this year we have …

Best hero ever!


Well, this rewriting gig is taking a whole lot longer than I planned. ( 28 more words


Table of Contents and Amazon

The interwebz are ablaze! Ablaze, I tell you!

Amazon has cracked down on scammers (and authors/publishers) putting their Table of Contents at the back of their books. 21 more words


Rewrites, and Chapters, and Wild, Wild, Characters. They’ll Drive you Crazy, They’ll Drive You Insane

First up, here’s a motivational montage from Mr. Chuck Wendig. There may or may not … hah! Who am I kidding? … there will be multiple swear words, multiple times :) 371 more words


The Garden Of Earthly Delights

If you ever wanted to see this painting up close and personal, now’s your chance. It’s interactive, with sound effects if you want, and fully zoomable. 77 more words


The Cost of Sound

My new hearing aids that I go all excited about a few posts ago have arrived.

The sound quality is streets ahead of my old ones – five years of technological advances in micro/audio electronics, baby! 424 more words


If Ever I Win An Academy Award ...

… for the movie adaptation of one of my stories I’ll act surprised, yet quietly confident I would’ve been the winner all along. I’ll thank Mrs Widds, and producers and cast, ( 257 more words


Moar New Toys

Late last year my hearing aids turned up their toes, wandered out to the back paddock and shot themselves … thereby rendering me one of those annoying people who are constantly saying, “Eh?” when in civilised company. 209 more words