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Sunk Costs as They Apply to Your Life

I’d like to think that I’m ever-evolving; changing slowly from caterpillar to butterfly with each passing day of my life. The most recent evidence of this evolution, I’ve decided to change/improve/clean up my wardrobe. 774 more words

Self Improvement

“You give me five thousand I’ll give you fifty.” – from the movie, The American Hustle

We started on our Christian walk, saw miracles in the beginning, amazing signs and wonders, great friends, great teachings and all was glorious. 1,280 more words


Where Do You Attach Respect?

In an age of Don’t-mess-with-my-stuff-and-I’ll-leave-you-alone, any suggestion of an ethic that might apply universally – to all people everywhere – is often met by protest. 1,229 more words


Bored? Stressed from Boredom? How To Beat That!

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If you are even thinking about boredom, you’re bored. Do these words resonate for you: listless, dull, unmotivated? 565 more words


Forget Age Stress: 70 is the New 40

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When I was in my twenties, for a while, I worked for a State agency. At that time, all Arizona State agencies offered employees a wellness screening. 940 more words


The Biggest Secret Roadblock Preventing Your Successful New Year

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In yesterday’s article , I urged you to glide gently into your fabulous New Year, 2015 ( 722 more words


The Stair Steps to Personal Responsibility

Mentallurgy teaches that each of us creates the experience we’re having right now, and that our general outlook on life is something we are working on 24/7. 1,782 more words