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Talented Friends : Andy Eaton

This is my good friend Andy Eaton. Andy is an American but you’d hardly even know this to look at him. He has spent so much time in Belfast, and done such a good job of tolerating/understanding/replicating all our odd little Northern ways, he is now considered one of us.  695 more words

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Belfast Book Festival 2016

This was meant to be a fabulously, eloquent blog about how wonderful Belfast Book Festival 2016 was and why we continue to need book festivals to improve the literary landscape in Northern Ireland, but I’m so knackered from having spent every spare moment of the last ten days at Belfast Book Festival 2016 that I have decided to eat chocolate and catch up on… 593 more words

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Talented Friends: Manuela, Stephen and Padraig

This post will feature a triple bill of talented people, doing a variety of talented things.I’m going to try not to gush because I’m awfully fond of all three of them. 872 more words


March Overview

I’d say March can’t possibly be as busy as February, but that would be tempting fate. Still, I hope to get a little catching up done. 1,075 more words


Book Review: The Lifeboat by Charlotte Rogan

Kind of disappointed. The plot really isn’t that bad: Set in 1914, it’s the beginning of WWI, after the sinking of the Empress Alexandra, 39 people are adrift in the Atlantic cramped up in a lifeboat that can’t carry that many people. 92 more words