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I have a great idea. Hit the brakes on a bus filled with already terrified people. The bus halted and everyone pushed their way out behind the bus driver. 56 more words



The sword grew heavy in my arms. It became more and more difficult to hold it each time. When a short break was called, I splashed myself with water. 30 more words



Before I knew it, the loud cheering of the crowd died down and I was pushed backwards by an enormous hound. There was a pungent smell of blood and the terrible breath of the creature. 69 more words



Snap. The little pest broke my horn. That won’t stop me, no. I will end this. I am here for him, he is strong. Someone will die here to day. 63 more words



You cannot run from fate, child. Cackling with laughter, my sisters I stare down the boy, waiting, we watch. The moment must be right, our hands weaving through the yarn like we have always done since ancient times. 59 more words


Monday Meme #32

For all the independent souls like me. YES.

P. S. Day 4 of Camp NaNoWriMo, and I haven’t written a word. Eek, I’d better step on it!!¬† 13 more words


The Lightning Thief

Percy Jackson, the main character of the story The Lightning Thief by Rick Riordan, spins the tale of his short life and the difficulties he has had. 30 more words