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Interview: Haunt The Woods

With their debut EP The Line, Cornish quartet Haunt The Woods made it immediately apparent that they are one of the most exciting new acts in the country. 1,301 more words


Sparks / dvsn - The Line (10/04/2016)

You should no longer occupy space
Yet you somehow found a way to spark an electric feel
A present routine: laps around the circuit become ritual… 89 more words

Breathe In Mars

Troy Redfern Releases New Single And Official Video

British blues guitarist Troy Redfern has released a new single ‘The Line‘ and an Official video to accompany the track. ‘The Line… 31 more words

Music News

Coming Out of the Door


There is a lot of tradition in a second line even though it looks chaotic. To the naked it eye. To the uninitiated. To the passerby. 342 more words

Ray Laskowitz

Thomas J Price

“Tom, what the fuck are you gonna do? You’re dyslexic, you can’t do maths, you don’t like taking orders and you argue all the time. So what are you going to do?” That’s what sculptor Thomas J Price asked himself in his teens. 2,103 more words


There must be a better way…

To find acceptance in love is fleeting.

To find acceptance in sex is misleading.

But still,

We spread our legs and spread ourselves thin. 169 more words


I wish you knew how good this feels

I can’t make you understand my perspective…

You were built to be a giver

And I was built to be receptive… 164 more words