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as an extension to the continued first tutorial with Jonathan Kearney I add to the sentences so far:

(the painting progresses further, header image detailing line) 374 more words

The Line by Keri Smith

Hi guys! So a while ago, I posted about Wreck this Journal, a book that I have thoroughly enjoyed wrecking.

The Line is a new book by Keri Smith, the author of WTJ. 277 more words

The Sea

The sea teach me how to be patient, so I can gather all the fish and water in my own chest through day and night, hot and cold, quiet and storm. 78 more words

The Line

4 Things I Learned From Wisdom Teeth Removal Surgery

I had a wisdom teeth surgery removal in mid September. Since I diagnosed had impacted teeth not only one but FOUR by the oral and maxillofacial surgeon, I was a bit nervous because I never had an surgery before.it will be executed in total anesthesia for 5 hours estimated surgery operation. 407 more words

The Line

Starting over again

There are no such permanent things in this world.

Bad things happened but also many good things happened.

There is no guarantee our life will be suffered everyday, but also no guarantee that our life will be happy everyday. 77 more words

The Line

we are who we are

Bad and good, we are who we are.

Neither you nor me can’t change the people. God does change us in many mysterious ways.

We only have 2 choice facing the people : accept or leave. 109 more words

The Line