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On my last week of interning, my coworkers and I were talking about books – as one of them reviews books as a hobby, and the other just loves to read. 233 more words

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My New Book!

Last weekend, I visited one of my favorite stores Barnes & Noble. (Call me a nerd if you want, I’ve begun to take it as a compliment.) When I went there, I was on a mission – I needed a book that would help me to write a book. 238 more words

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The Appeal of the Literary Leading Man

Swept off your literary feet lately? If you have, then you’re preaching to the choir.

I can’t even begin to explain  the degree of vertigo I’ve experienced from being swept off my feet by characters ranging from Mr. 966 more words

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on ordering a copy of 'in ramallah, running' at the fruit store

In Ramallah, Running is now available to buy directly using Paypal. Each book will be signed and sent using 1st class Royal Mail by land or by Airmail using their territorial distinctions. 65 more words

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on translated by, biggin' japan at cca kitakyushu until 20 jan 2012

Translated By – London 2011

Translated By, Shumon and Charles’ exhibition of audio recordings of writing about place by a range of writers including myself, with a short excerpt from… 880 more words

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