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4 Things to Remember When You Start College

1. Things have never been like this before.

You’re just starting college and there’s a lot to take in. New people, new atmosphere, new room, new home. 265 more words

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Get Me Back From Who I Want To Be

Is this out of place I’m feeling
Or just me acting out of my being
What if I weren’t here at first
It must’ve been good for them… 203 more words

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You are like an apple
Red-faced so simple
With your pretty dimple
Makes my skin with a pimple

You are like the sky
A place I want to fly… 40 more words

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All I Got To Be

Everytime I wake up
I dont know what to do
All i think about is you
I’m so restless and breathless
I need to free myself… 173 more words

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What Summer Is

A necessity of summer is (not) beach.
The weather in our country, Philippines, is expectedly hot every summer. As the sun shines its brightest, we eagerly look for something to chill and cool our minds and body. 185 more words

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Priced Profession

When you step into college, you get to choose what course or degree you will enroll that leads you to your profession when you go to work. 213 more words

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