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Embrace Bad Hair Day

When my nephew, Kevin, was little, he’d wake up with the best super-blonde, chicken tail, sticking up, bed head hair. Ooo, I couldn’t resist kissing his head and appreciating that he cared more about the important things like Legos and Minecraft than brushing his hair. 63 more words


Mother Nature Should Take Her Meds

Yesterday was 78%. I ran in shorts and a T-shirt, a balmy breeze blowing through my hair.

All day the city sang with spring weather, sidewalks filled with the sunny and cheerful. 249 more words


The Little Rascals (1994)

AKA Reliving Your Grandparents’ Childhood

A group of young boys have a clubhouse dedicated to their “He-man-woman-haters Club.” Among their possessions is a go-kart/derby car called “The Blur”, to be piloted by member Alfalfa, who is suspiciously absent from the clubhouse meeting. 1,015 more words

Live Action

Don't believe everything you see or hear...

I saw this post on FB tonight.

At first I was like “nice” but then I thought to myself. Calvin, you are kind of like a hybrid. 146 more words

Famous Sayings: #61 — ‘But You Can’t Fool Your Mother’

May 14, 2017

You can fool everybody some of the time and you can fool somebody all of the time, but you can’t fool your mother.

1,264 more words
Famous Sayings

Butch from The Little Rascals, the Villain I Love to Hate

5-year-old Tommy Bond was walking down the street in Dallas, Texas with his mother and grandmother when a talent scout from Hal Roach Studios approached. “Your son has a great face,” the scout said to Mrs. 3,349 more words

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