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Little Red Hen

Whenever someone tries to dictate my ability level based on what they see (a woman in a wheelchair), I think of the story of… 946 more words


little red hen inc.

let me tell you ‘bout the little red hen / she knew her way round the farm and back again / when to run & when to relax / the sharp rain & the sharper axe / the narrow margins on milk & eggs / the tractor monsters beyond the hedge / anyway / one day / she scratched up some grains of wheat / and instead of just laying on with her beak to eat / she packed ‘em up neat / & took them to / the rest of the raggedy farmyard crew / namely a dog, a cat / a mouse & a rat / all ducked out suspiciously in a line like that / so / y’know / true / an unlikely combo / but – see – the farm had always been a little absurd / the lines between the animals blurred / anyway / this particular day / LRH flaps up on a stanchion / and the gang of four I previously mentioned / stood together with apprehension / (y’see – she had a certain reputation / for poultry flights of imagination) / Who will help me plant this lil’ ol’ mess o’seed? 880 more words


The Little Red Hen

We all know the old fable – The Little Red Hen. The story follows Little Red Hen as she seeks help to make bread. Everyone she approaches chooses not to help her. 364 more words


Pink Hands

I love the story of the Little Red Hen. You know the one where the hardworking and foresightful Hen goes through the steps of growing wheat. 748 more words

Fairy/Folk Tale Friday- The Little Red Hen

I have heard this story so many times that I could tell it without even looking at the text. However, I gave this story a read for this feature and thought about how it carries wit it a good message for young children. 161 more words

Fairy Tale Friday

The Little Red Hen's Latest Stockists - A Summer Update

For those of you with children, you’ll know that school’s almost out for summer! This last term has seemed particularly long and my little girl, AKA The Little Chick is really ready for some time at home with mum! 173 more words

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