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Happy Birthday, Rachel!

After a very long day at school (Just another Monday at AIA. Stressful doesn’t even begin to cover it. Definitely was a Day9 day) on the 25th, I was very happy when the day was done and Rachel’s birthday party was at hand. 601 more words

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Quick Thoughts: Springtime!

It’s been an absolute blessing to have been in China in the Spring. It’s fun to go to the Fruit Mart down the street and see what’s in season, and be able to walk there without the strange “China” smog/sewer smell that will eventually hit the nose and follow me all the way to where I’m walking sometimes. 176 more words

The Little Things In Life

Welcoming in the Fresh Meat...

Today was a mixture of a sad and a happy day. Last night, we all said goodbye to Ami, who is probably still currently flying on her international flight home. 383 more words


Random Adventure: Out To Get A Popsicle

Remember when I said that at any point in time, popsicles are a pretty good choice for a snack? Last night (5/20), I was in my room, hankering for a popsicle cause it’s been a bit hot these past couple of weeks (been about 80’s here. 735 more words

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Adventures in Weifang 5/16/15

This weekend was quite wonderful. After Friday’s awesome field trip (AIAIO), a few of us decided to go on another adventure on Saturday (5/16), especially since it’s Ami’s last weekend.   1,362 more words

The Little Things In Life

American International Academy Intramural Olympics

This field trip was one of the greatest moments at AIA.  It was a lot of fun, and I hope that this does continue on into next year like we hope (with a few changes, of course, but it was pretty spectacular the way it was set up already). 1,799 more words


Introverted Creature of Habit Meets Random Adventures in China

Most people who know me can  tell you at least three things about me: I love swing dancing, I’m a huge nerd who plays video games and such, and a lot of the time I stay in, sometimes with a few friends, rather than going out.   1,693 more words