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Too often we go through life with blinders on. Beauty is all around us even in the winter time. There are glorious sunrises; snow finely covering the grass, and the trees; crisp cool air-filled with the scent of pine trees;  and fireplaces burning brightly with beautiful colored flames reflecting off of the logs. 170 more words

The Little Things In Life

You’re always told to enjoy the little things in life and some people say that they notice the little things and that means that they pay attention to you and notice when you change something small. 238 more words

Life As I Know It

To be honest...this is so true!

Make it a Great Day and Night!

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Maybe it's Time to stop fighting

Ever been in a place where nobody is willing to fight for you but you are willing to fight for everyone?

Ever been in a place where you want everyone but nobody wants you back? 675 more words

The Little Things In Life

Raspberry Kiwi Sorbet Recipe

The Artist got me an ice cream maker for Christmas.  I always make homemade popsicles, and had been talking about trying homemade ice cream.  Well, without an actual ice cream maker to churn it, it was not working for me.   325 more words

The Little Things In Life

End of the Line: Something About Metaphors, Probably

Portland has one of the best public transportation systems (for, you know, the early 90’s); the pinnacle of which being the light rail system that I just absolutely adore.   414 more words

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The Little Things in Life

No one who knows my husband and I personally would dare disagree with the statement that we go a little insane at Christmas. We’re not crazy people with endless disposable income – it’s just that we don’t spend a lot of money throughout the year. 602 more words