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Country side living.

We are settling in nicely but we are for sure taking our time. One of the things I love the most about this house is the outdoor, the plants, the garden, and our new family members : Chouchou, CC. 47 more words


At Any Moment

Few little things give me as disproportionate an amount of pleasure as finding notes–commentary, poetry, or fiction–that I have left in my books and have since forgotten, only to be discovered by a future self. 56 more words

My Exams Are Finally Done!

So, the month of May has been a long and gruelling one for many of us who have studied immensely hard for exams. Some of you might have finished two weeks ago and some of you might not even have had your last exam yet (you can do it!) 259 more words

The Little Things In Life

In Defense Of Ordinary People

I stand in line waiting for my turn to get checked out. I think i got everything i need tomatoes, onions, potatoes, eggs .did I get butter? 284 more words



My mother used to gush about how well beer went with chocolate and I agreed, so every time I enjoy a nice amber ale and there’s chocolate nearby, I have to indulge. 387 more words

The Good Stuff

I am looking at my drafts folder each day. As writer’s we start writing what’s on our heart, and BOOM! We lose our train of thought. 447 more words

Quality Of Life

Even Though I Love Bacon...

I was skimming through old assignments from a poetry and fiction course I had taken last year. This one stuck out to me, as I find it ironic how much I actually love pork. 240 more words

Kinda Hungry