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serving to refresh or reinvigorate someone.
“a refreshing drink”
synonyms: invigorating, revitalizing, reviving, restoring, bracing, fortifying, enlivening, inspiriting, stimulating, energizing, exhilarating
“a refreshing drink” 21 more words


I lost my way this week. I have become so fixated on my endeavour to simplify our lives that I have somehow managed to make my days even more exhausting! 939 more words


When you break it down you never realize how much of an impact a smile can make. Just by smiling you could make someone’s day, week, or even change someone’s life. 249 more words

Be The Change You Want To See

What Had Happened Was...

Hello and こんにちは! (I’m learning Japanese, so bear with me and the horrible sound bites that may pop up sporadically).

It has been about the time span of a human child’s conception-then-birth since I’ve been here! 186 more words

The Little Things in Life 

I was at a wedding today and witnessed an “embarrassing moment.”

I saw it but it didn’t really register with me at first. The groom extended his arm for the bride to hook her arm around, but at the same time, the bride turned around to look at the other side. 86 more words


Dinosaurs and Jet Skis

Apparently, grown men can have dreams too.

Remember being in a tough spot and you don’t know what to buy Mr. Right for a gift? Well, I’ve been in those shoes ever since I met my mine. 124 more words

The Little Things In Life

Cherish the little things in life.

We often hear people say, “live in the moment,” and they think that if you’re on your phone, you’re disconnected to your surroundings. I believe that is untrue because you should also capture the moment, while you’re living it. 194 more words