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what it's like to be happy

Happiness is a drug – or at least that’s how it should be advertised. Since finding happiness in this year 2017 (it was as if someone turned on a switch and I was instantaneously filled with  a deep awareness and acceptance for who I am) I have become cursed.  384 more words

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RelationSHIPs & RelationSHITs Pt. 4: Obsessions

I mean I’m sure we have all been there: obsessing over someone. A little stalking here and there never hurt nobody. Or maybe it did. I don’t know. 1,338 more words


The following verse is important to our conclusions.

1Co 15:23  But every man in his own order: Christ the firstfruits; afterward they that are Christ’s at his coming.         1,647 more words


I conditioned before cleansing...

Throw everything you know out the window – there’s a new fad in the beauty world, and it has nothing to do with tradition. In fact, it’s quite literally the opposite. 663 more words

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RelationSHIPS & RelationSHITS Pt. 1: Significant others

I like spelling relationSHIPs this way because there has to be a way to point out the significance of the union when its successful. No relationship is perfect but the more I observe different couples the more I note that the good stuff is very similar in all of them, the bad, however, varies. 1,268 more words

ode to black

Ah, the color that cannot be tainted but retains the power to taint others. A friend and a foe. Your finesse and style never fade; you are a classic, yet somehow you make a comeback as if you were ever off the scene. 230 more words

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why i'm a real-life failure

Since coming to college, all I’ve wanted to do was change. Backstory: I had friends in high school, developed pretty severe depression and anxiety sometime during those four years after a traumatic experience, and I was never popular. 684 more words

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