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RelationSHIPS & RelationSHITS Pt. 1: Significant others

I like spelling relationSHIPs this way because there has to be a way to point out the significance of the union when its successful. No relationship is perfect but the more I observe different couples the more I note that the good stuff is very similar in all of them, the bad, however, varies. 1,268 more words

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ode to black

Ah, the color that cannot be tainted but retains the power to taint others. A friend and a foe. Your finesse and style never fade; you are a classic, yet somehow you make a comeback as if you were ever off the scene. 230 more words

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why i'm a real-life failure

Since coming to college, all I’ve wanted to do was change. Backstory: I had friends in high school, developed pretty severe depression and anxiety sometime during those four years after a traumatic experience, and I was never popular. 684 more words

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beautiful is overrated

If I can’t be beautiful, then I’ll be smart. This is a recent phenomenon I’ve come to embrace, as well as another reason my style is so important to me. 442 more words

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When You Are Turned Down

We all have been there: a boy turns down a date, a boss turns down a well deserved promotion/raise, a potential employer turns down a job opportunity. 169 more words

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The Living - book review

The Living is the first of Anjali Joseph’s books I have read, despite her previous offerings Saraswati Park and Another Country coming highly recommended. As a result, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from it, and having read it I am not entirely sure what to tell you about it. 357 more words


What Are You?! A World Traveler?!

I titled this post & category with a quote from one of my favorite movies “My Cousin Vinny”. Imagine Marisa Tomei say this? With a Brooklyn accent? 216 more words

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