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Old radio shows and creativity



With podcasts, we’ve actually returned to the good old days of radio, when there were entertaining shows – comedy, drama, suspense. Robert and Rosemarie Gerould of the Bob and Ro Radio Show re-enact old radio shows with scripts actually written during the original radio show days. 8 more words


Remember young padawan even Batman fell down ...

“And why do we fall, Bruce? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up.” ~ Thomas Wayne

Failure. Setbacks. Disappointment. It’s all as much a part of our lives as triumph, accomplishment, even victory – it’s just not as welcomed. 436 more words


On Endings - Risk and Reward

Today I want to shift the discussion of Endings to a more economical aspect: risk and reward. In short, what are the heroes or heroines sacrificing and what do they obtain in exchange? 1,519 more words


Editorial: Authenticity vs. Representation in 'The Ridiculous Six'

It was first reported by Indian Country Today on April 23rd that a handful of primarily Navajo extras walked off the set of Adam Sandler’s Netflix-produced Western parody The Ridiculous Six. 1,008 more words

Adam Sandler

From Germany with guitars!

Slädu met Johnny on the set of Pirates 5 Dead Men Tell No Tales two days ago

The news of the arrival of a representative of the Düsenberg guitars from Germany on the set of Pirates 5 two days ago. 122 more words

Johnny Depp

The Mom Tells You Overture

If Sunday rolls around and you forgot to get your Mom a present for Mother’s Day you can say that watching this video together, in appreciation for all she has done for you, is your gift and you just might get away with it!


Who Needs a Hero?

From costumed and animated characters to trusty wing-men and faithful friends, sidekicks take all shapes and forms. And while the levels of input differ substantially, it’s hard to imagine our heroes saving the day without the crucial assistance of their crucial assistants… 936 more words