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Razzie Winners Worth Revisiting

I have a confession. I LOVE bad movies. I’m not talking about forgettable movies, or below-average movies. I’m talking about steaming piles of celluloid that have you scratching your head trying to work out how they even got made. 517 more words


Nintendo Power Retrospectives - Part 34

This time I’ve come to the end of Nintendo Power’s 3rd year, with issue #24. I had some background audio issues due to circumstances beyond my control, so I ask for your forgiveness. 84 more words

Nintendo Power

Lone Believers

Suspension of disbelief is a lost art among today’s moviegoers. Even in fantasy and adventure films, modern audiences scrutinize each scene with a taste for verisimilitude (the appearance of being real). 758 more words

Time for a much-needed distraction or two

I was originally going to write about getting notes from a writer (whose bio & accomplishments remain unknown) who made quite an effort to point out everything that’s wrong with my work. 109 more words


Where Johnny Depp's Career Is Now

by Gabriel Valdez

Is Johnny Depp still Johnny Depp? Did everything he touch once turn to artistic gold, and has he lost that now? Has he sold out? 915 more words


Bored of Johnny Depp

Okay, I admit.

I’m a crank.

And a curmudgeon.

In fact, it would probably be safe to say that I am a curmudgeonly caustic crank, with an apartment in cynic city. 896 more words

Film: Is Johnny Depp’s career over?

Film: Is Johnny Depp’s career over?

Following the box office flop of Johnny Depp’s Mortdecai (which follows on from similar flops Transcendence and The Lone Ranger), everyone and their mother is beginning to wonder – is Johnny Depp’s career over? 283 more words