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A Cure For Wellness (2017) Movie Review

I do truly hate starting off a review on a negative note but it’s a thought that I’ve been simmering for the days following my early screening of Gore Verbinski’s latest directorial effort “A Cure for Wellness”, this is a maddeningly frustrating film.   938 more words

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Gore Verbinski Wants To ‘Pierce Your Membrane’ Despite Thinking He's ‘Certifiably Rotten’

“I’ve been certifiably rotten my entire life. I mean, that’s like a parental advisory sticker on your record, right?” This is director Gore Verbinski discussing his movies’ propensity to, let’s say, not be totally initially appreciated. 2,003 more words

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Music, Editing, and John Baledessari

The video documentary A Brief History of John Baledessari was effective because it was lively, witty, and fast-paced. One of the ways in which it accomplished this was through its use of music. 283 more words

A Cure for Wellness Box Office Prediction

The cinematic stylings of director Gore Verbinski returns to screens next weekend when A Cure for Wellness opens. The horror thriller set in the Swiss Alps finds Dane DeHaan as a businessman trapped in a mysterious “wellness” center. 180 more words



Though many people think only of actor Clayton Moore when the name ‘Lone Ranger’ comes up, the folk hero first came into being on radio. (I’m so old, that’s how I first followed his adventures, albeit in re-broadcasts, as, by then, it was on TV, but… 233 more words


Timeless (S01E12) "The Murder of Jesse James"

Not only does this episode was a lot of fun to watch, but also it dived deeper into someone from the past.

Our three main characters face their not so good moments in the beginning of the episode, Wyatt meets with his wife’s killer. 687 more words

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