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A Tale by Chris Anderson

Are you the type of person who uses the traditional way or who is under the influence of the long tail?

We all must be aware of Chris Anderson’s idea of The Long Tail. 267 more words

Best Digital Marketing Strategy The Long Tail

When people think digital marketing strategies they automatically think that viral or social marketing would be the best approach to gain alot of traffic to your product or brand. 118 more words

BCM 206

The Long Tail - From Pop Music to Pirate Metal to Japanese Neoclassical Darkwave

In the days before the internet, if you wanted to buy something it would need to be physically sold in a shop you could get to. 199 more words


Just a Penny Will Help?

The Long Tail in a Not-For-Profit Business Model

Upon reading about the Long-Tail concept (see here for an explanation or watch the video above) I started to wonder if this same concept could apply to NFPs. 428 more words


Part 3: "The Long Tail" by Chris Anderson

We, sometimes unknowingly and unwillingly, demand everything. We demand to be liked, we demand to be interested, we demand whatever we want. There’s a video I recently watched called “Millennials in the Workplace” by Simon Sinek. 1,529 more words

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Part 2: "The Long Tail" by Chris Anderson

In this ocean of information we need something to support us as an author, inventor, or artist. Today, that “something” is credibility. We find that through our readers, reviewers, hyperlinks, and pictures. 2,200 more words

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Part 1 of "The Long Tail" by Chris Anderson

I picked up this book at the airport of all places. It was the airport in Miami on my way home to Chicago. It had a simple cover, which I liked, because it basically encouraged readers to buy it only if they had a true passion for business and commerce. 1,676 more words

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