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How Far Frodo And Sam Actually Walked In “The Lord Of The Rings” Trilogy

Comparing the distance with locations in our world gives a sense of how just how far the duo travelled.

Hobbiton to Bree


Miles: 120
Hours of Walking: 40…

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Pencil Drawing of Theon and Faramir

I had an unusual request to draw two unrelated characters – Theon from Game of Thrones and Faramir from The Lord of the Rings – so here they are. 18 more words


Christopher Lee | The Grand Old Prince of Darkness.

Old age terrifies me. But if there is one man who is doing his damndest to prove that growing old doesn’t have to be all about bingo and buying your jeans from Marks and Spencer’s, then it is… 987 more words


Frodo Teaches Us about Strength in Times of Darkness

If hope means to have some expectation that things will turn out well for the one who hopes then Frodo has little of it. He does not expect that he will survive his mission. 519 more words

J.R.R Tolkien

Top 6 Fantasy Worlds I Want to Live In

Most of these worlds have beings with powers or elves/fae. I want to have powers, be an elf or be friends with faeries. My odds of doing that and surviving are higher in these worlds… I think. 210 more words


A Long-Expected Revisit, Part Six: The Two Towers (movie)

The Lord of the Rings is not merely a fantasy or an action movie. It is witty, a comedy, a drama, and a saga. And, it makes you feel all the things. 735 more words

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