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Words Matter! I Told You I Was Scared!

Words matter. O.J. Simpson’s defense team asked Judge Lance A. Ito to order the prosecution to say domestic discord rather than domestic violence or even spousal abuse–already euphemisms for wife-beating–and to disallow the words battered wife and stalker. 260 more words

Domestic Abuse

Learning Spanish in Guatemala

As many of you know, my family just spent the last year in Central America. Living abroad has always been a boon for my writing, exposing me to new potential settings for books (imagine staring down into a volcanic caldera glowing with red molten lava, like we did in Nicaragua ), interesting characters ripe for re-imagination (our Mayan host family in Guatemala who spoke to each other in the Mayan language Tzutujil, as well as Spanish), and histories and stories I wouldn’t encounter in the U.S. 152 more words

California voters do not like the new gas tax and vehicle fee increases, poll finds

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When you elect someone promising to be Santa Claus and give you everything you can expect tax increases and fee hikes.  183 more words

Hopeful Unto Death...

In the beginning, she didn’t even recognize him, that’s how unworldly she was. “That’s O.J. Simpson!” her boss at the nightclub exclaimed. She had never heard of the guy. 782 more words

Nicole's Children

Montana GOP congressional candidate accused of body-slamming reporter


Montana GOP congressional candidate accused of body-slamming reporter

This video included in a story by the Guardian… 1,021 more words


Prize-winning small-town editor isn’t afraid to fight Goliaths - THE LOS ANGELES TIMES


The Los Angeles Times

For 14 years, Iowans in the state’s 4th Congressional District have overwhelmingly chosen Steve King to represent them. His seat is considered safe, in spite of — or because of — comments like this: 1,223 more words

Media Reaction

Hillary Clinton says she won't run for public office again

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The fact Hillary will not run for office again is good news.

She thinks she can help the DemocRats in 2018 regain control of Congress fat chance.  430 more words