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The Lost City trek (Colombia) - An Unforgettable Adventure into the Unknown.

‘La Ciudad Perdida de los Tayrona’ is an archaelogical site of an ancient city deep in the Sierra Nevada, the north-east region of Colombia. Found as recently as 1972, and dating 650 years older than Machu Picchu; this ancient home of the Taironas truly is one of the greatest lost treasures of the world. 449 more words


La Cuidad Perdida

La Cuidad Perdida, or The Lost City in
English, is surrounded by many stories and myths.  It was the lost city of the ancient Tayronas. When the Spanish discovered Colombia they did not find the city hidden deep in jungle and therefore it stayed there, undiscovered, for many years until in 1972 when men  looking for gold and treasures stumbled across it and took many ancient treasures from the tombs they found. 826 more words

Santa Marta

Santa Marta is a big and bustling city on the coast. It is a great base for many other locations and activities in the area and I actually really like the city aswell! 283 more words


III. The Lost City

A place exists, somewhere far out there,
Where grass is brown and tress are bare,
Where the sun is hot and creates a glare,
Yet the people of this place do not care. 102 more words

General Poetry

Illaman- "Surround yourself with legends and fuck everyone else"

Illaman used to be on an old rave pirate station at the age of 14, which meant he was constantly surrounded by such a variety of music, making Illaman open to create music for a number of different genres. 119 more words