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Introduction to The Lost City

The city lies abandoned.  Dilapidated skyscrapers and office buildings cover the landscape.  It is abandoned, but not empty.  People have divided themselves into tribes, the wide streets marking boarders like rivers.   52 more words

The Lost City

The Tribes

Resources in the City are meager.  The tribes guard them jealously from each other, and only trade when necessary.  Ensuring your own survival is all that matters. 138 more words


Take 2, in pursuit of...

Just like New Year´s resolutions in February, somethings are quickly forgotten. So, every now and then it´s important to reflect on, refocus or adjust our goals. 1,132 more words

B4: The Lost City - Pt 9 (Conclusion)

I managed to finish off B4 last friday, which is good, because I was beginning to feel at the end of my DM rope. I don’t really know if my players enjoyed it or not, but the various issues I was having with the module’s design had turned running it into a chore. 812 more words


B4: The Lost City - Pt 8

Last friday should have been our final session in the Lost City, but because of how things played out, we’ll be having one more session so that there’s at least a nice epilogue. 895 more words


B4: The Lost City - Part 7

If we weren’t using a Death and Dismemberment variation*, we probably would’ve lost most of the high-ish level characters and most of the rest of the original party members. 815 more words


B4: The Lost City - Part 6

Friday was another bloody session in the Pyramid (I’m sensing a pattern here). I feel bad that the same player keeps losing characters, especially since at least two of the last 3 times haven’t really been entirely his fault; wrong place, wrong time, brutal rolls. 1,104 more words