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Ciudad Perdida - The Lost City Trek

The night before:
Hear that pick up is at 9.30am, decide that’s quite late and therefore happy hour is a fantastic idea. Get drunk and stay awake till 3am, get up at 7.30am. 2,644 more words

Amazing Cities found Underwater..!

9 Cities Found Underwater

For most of human history, these communities were lost to view but today, diving equipments, robots, submarines and underwater cameras bring them back to life. 1,829 more words

7 Wonders

Unbelievable! The 6 Lost Cities found..!

Unbelievable! The 6 Lost Cities found..!

3. Palenque

The Maya ruins of Palenque were lost and then found again in the jungles of Eastern Mexico. deep within the temple of the inscriptions shown here is an ornate vaulted chamber containing the crypt of the ruler Pakal. 817 more words

The Lost City

Angkor Wat-The Lost City Found..!

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat (Khmer: អង្គរវត្ត or “Capital Temple”) is a temple complex in Cambodia and the largest religious monument in the world, with the site measuring 162.6 hectares (1,626,000 m2; 402 acres).  5,195 more words

The Lost City

Palenque--The Lost City Found..!


Palenque (Spanish pronunciation: ; Yucatec Maya: Bàakʼ /ɓàːkʼ/), also anciently known as Lakamha (literally: “Big Water”), was a Maya city state in southern Mexico that flourished in the 7th century. 3,684 more words

The Lost City

Petra- The Lost City Found..!


Petra (Arabic: البتراء, Al-Batrāʾ; Ancient Greek: Πέτρα), originally known to the Nabataeans as Raqmu, is a historical and archaeological city in southern… 3,379 more words

The Lost City

Mohenjo-daro--The Lost City Found..!


Mohenjo-daro (Sindhi: موھن جو دڙو‎, Urdu: موئن جو دڑو‎, IPA: , lit. Mound of the Dead Men; English pronunciation: /moʊˌhɛn.dʒoʊ ˈdɑː.roʊ/ 1,956 more words

The Lost City