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How time flies when you're writing... #amwriting

I love writing and I make no apologies for this fact. But when you are doing something that you love, be it writing or cooking or spending time with your nearest and dearest, time flies, and that can leave you feeling—cheated. 89 more words


the underbelly of blogging, and more...

Why I write what I write –

After every puppy class, I would send my clients a written follow up of what we did, and what their work should be like in the coming week. 1,111 more words

Nancy Tanner

Writing Challenge (Day 3)- First Love and Kiss

This may come off as untrue but I don’t have a first love, nope, I don’t. Believe it or not. For Day 3 of this writing challenge, we are to write about our first love and kiss. 362 more words


When You Know You're a Writer

There’s nothing else you would rather be, but be a writer. It’s something you have always wanted to be. You live, breathe, heck you can even write and come up with characters in your sleep. 259 more words


Why do we write or why do I write?

I’ve been asking this question to myself a lot recently and the simplest answer is that I want to get my novel published.

To get a better understanding of my love for writing I have to take you back to my childhood and to start I went through a large box of books and paperwork that my mother sent me from the UK. 404 more words

Author Simon Phillips

What is Writing To You?

Long ago when I was a boy I bought my first comic book, and seeing Conan on the cover killing his enemy started the thoughts of my best friend and I starting our own comic book. 320 more words