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Bonus blog, being about Bob's boast

And now for something a little different…

(This is adapted from a Car Talk puzzler.)

Bob and Sally are ball players. They both show up for spring training (they play in the Bluehorse pro league) and Bob, as ever, is boastful. 294 more words

The Cheviot, the Stag and the Black, Black Oil (Lyceum: 14 - 24 Sept'16)

“43 years of agitprop stardom”

Editorial Rating: 4 Stars: Outstanding

Popular entertainment is a broad church. It is entertaining (& mildly provocative) when the Union flag is raised above Craigmillar Castle, as it has been these past few days, and – to pursue a theme – there’s the BBC’s… 609 more words


Edinburgh International Festival: Shake @ The Lyceum


In Dan Jemmett’s reimagining of Twelfth Night, Shakespeare has been taken to the beach. And not a classy beach of white sand and tinkling cocktails. 304 more words


Thon Man Moliere (Lyceum: 20 May - 11 June '16)

“Siobhan Redmond as Madeleine and Jimmy Chisholm as Molière are perfectly, affectionately, matched.”

Editorial Rating: 4 Stars  Outstanding

In February 1662 Louis XIV sent flowers on the occasion of the marriage of Molière (40) to the seventeen year old Menou (Armande) Béjart. 599 more words


The Iliad (Lyceum: 20 April - 14 May '16)

“This Iliad is forcefully staged and has the vehemence and colour of its core story.”

Editorial Rating:3 Stars Nae Bad

Mark Thomson’s last production as Artistic Director of the Lyceum for the past 13 years. 686 more words


I Am Thomas (Lyceum: 23 March - 9 April '16)

“Fiercely well executed”

Editorial Rating: 4 Stars

I suppose that it is justifiable that Edinburgh’s Gallow Lee was half a mile down Leith Walk and not on East(er) Road. 664 more words


The Crucible (The Lyceum 18 Feb – 19 March ’16)

“Just as bleak and brilliant as Miller’s tragedy demands”

Editorial Rating:  4 Stars Nae Bad

Nothing says “a good night” like unchecked hysteria, unopened hearts and unnecessary hangings. 1,067 more words