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The Iliad (Lyceum: 20 April - 14 May '16)

“This Iliad is forcefully staged and has the vehemence and colour of its core story.”

Editorial Rating:3 Stars Nae Bad

Mark Thomson’s last production as Artistic Director of the Lyceum for the past 13 years. 686 more words


I Am Thomas (Lyceum: 23 March - 9 April '16)

“Fiercely well executed”

Editorial Rating: 4 Stars

I suppose that it is justifiable that Edinburgh’s Gallow Lee was half a mile down Leith Walk and not on East(er) Road. 664 more words


The Crucible (The Lyceum 18 Feb – 19 March ’16)

“Just as bleak and brilliant as Miller’s tragedy demands”

Editorial Rating:  4 Stars Nae Bad

Nothing says “a good night” like unchecked hysteria, unopened hearts and unnecessary hangings. 1,067 more words


The Weir (Lyceum: 15 Jan - 6 Feb. '16)

“You will not want to let these characters go home”

Editorial Rating:  4 Stars: Outstanding

For an Irish play set in an out of the way bar, … 542 more words


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe


The Lyceum, Edinburgh

The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is a well-loved and familiar tale with a guest spot for Santa Claus; no wonder it’s become a staple family Christmas show. 319 more words


The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (Lyceum: 28 Nov.'15 - 3 Jan.'16)

“Fantastical adventure and heart”

Editorial Rating: 4 Stars: Outstanding

Allegory or not, “It’s a magic wardrobe. There’s a wood inside it, and it’s snowing, and there’s a faun and a witch and it’s called Narnia. 534 more words


Tipping the Velvet (The Lyceum, 28 Oct - 14 Nov '15)

“An imaginative attempt at what could have been quite a bland adaptation”

Editorial Rating: 2 Stars

From the quills of established writer Sarah Waters and high-flying playwright Laura Wade, my expectations were certainly high on entering the auditorium for this new interpretation of the award winning novel. 547 more words