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Picnic at Hanging Rock (Lyceum: 13 - 28 January '17)

“It’s cool, it’s chilling and it shocks”

Editorial Rating: 4 Stars: Nae Bad

Do you approach Hanging Rock expecting to see corsets hanging in mid-air? Well, in which case you will have noted that the excised last chapter of Joan Lindsay’s 1967 book provides this astonishing feature. 622 more words


My 8 years of Royal Lyceum Theatre bliss...

Bliss?  Blessed more like.

I have had the extreme privilege of spending 8 years on the board of The Royal Lyceum Theatre Company in Edinburgh and last night it came to a close.   161 more words


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Lyceum: 26 Nov - 31 Dec.'16)

“This particular and generous invitation to Wonderland should be accepted at once”

Editorial Rating:  4 Stars: Outstanding

When Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was first published Britain also got its first speed limits for horseless vehicles. 606 more words


Lyceum Variety Nights (Lyceum, 6 Nov. '16)

“Left me genuinely begging for more”

Editorial Rating: 5 Stars: Outstanding

One of the first things they teach you about writing reviews is not to gush: to keep your mass of uncontrolled instant reactions behind a dam and only let through those considered, pertinent and articulate comments that are most valuable to the reader. 450 more words


Cider Tasting Festival at The Lyceum Celebrating Virginia Cider Week | News Release | City of Alexandria

Cider Tasting Festival at The Lyceum on November 19, 2016

Celebrating Virginia Cider Week

Celebrate Virginia Cider Week (November 11 – 20) in Alexandria with a special tasting festival at The Lyceum, Alexandria’s History Museum on Saturday, November 19 from 7 – 9:30 p.m.   259 more words


This Week in Historic Alexandria (10.24.16) | Newsletter | City of Alexandria

What’s New in Historic Alexandria

The Virginia Trust for Historic Preservation has established the Bill Fendall Trust as an endowment for ongoing support of the Lee-Fendall House Museum and Garden. 2,413 more words


Sally Beats Bob: Bonus problem answer

First of all, I’m going to play for time. Below, I’m going to give away the answer to the Bob’s Boast problem (in my previous blog post). 347 more words